It was just few hour ago when we were all sleeping. The moment of his last seconds counted down to zero in 1982. I was a young Metro Police Officer and still learning the ways of the “crime streets.” Suddenly, the call for help echoed out of Cheatham. My partner u-turned and we quickly arrived in my home county.

There he was, lying behind the rear tire, face down and still. The silent and surreal moment screamed inside of me. He was the first dead law enforcement officer I would see and unfortunately, just the beginning of others in my career.

Frank was off-duty but called by the Cheatham dispatcher to check on a burglar alarm at the Pegram pharmacy. He didn’t even get his boots laced when he was out the door to confront the evil waiting on him. Frank did everything right on arrival. He saw the burglars inside, set himself up in a defensive, tactical position and waited for back-up.

The cold stillness must have felt like another level of loneliness as help from the north was speeding south but not near fast enough. While he stared at criminals inside with flashlights, the dark figure was watching him across 70.

He was the lookout and he knew his orders. Strolling across the lonely highway, shotgun pointed toward the deputies patrol jacket, life was about to change for both of them. The crackle of Frank’s radio suddenly met with the cracking blast into the back of Deputy Jordan.

We are trained to focus on the threat. Frank’s threat was in front of him and fatally behind him as well. The ambush was quick, decisive and shocking to everyone. This wasn’t supposed to happen in a sleeping county called Cheatham…but it did.

I stood there, looking at him in his disheveled uniform, shoes unlaced, and thought he is so young like me! The reality of what we do and the consequences we face hit me that night 37 years ago.

Deputy Frank Jordan, you were so loved, so real and very much admired. You gave yourself to something bigger than all of us. You stood between good and evil. Evil won that night but not for long. Unborn deputies will learn about your courage and what you swore to do for us.

We all have chosen our calling and a few of us have been called to serve you, even with our last breath…Our heartfelt thoughts for his family who still misses him.