The Joker:

3/8/19 just before 1 A.M. in the morning, Officer Josh Harris serves a Bench warrant at 2013 1/2 Cumberland Avenue. The warrant belongs to Ms. Mary Smith of Barbourville Kentucky. According to the Police Report, the warrant is for FTA for PTC and the lady will have no bond/bail. Currently Ms. Smith is residing at the Bell County Welcome Center for those with warrants with no bond listed. I guess she was just in the wrong place at the wrong time. Now she is surely in the wrong place for any time. I searched back two years in Knox County and could find no arrest history. In Bell County Her past charges include but are not limited to:

Bench Warrant X2
Indictment CPOFI 1st TBD U/500 X1
Non Support X3
Theft of Mail Matter x1

The warrant Officer Harris was serving was from Ms. Smith’s arrest in December of 2015, therefore she managed to elude the Boys in Blue for over three years. Good Run Girl. Unfortunately, if you continue to come to the Boro, the long arm of the law will either find you or some druggie/dealer will sing your song to lessen their charges. Make this a learning experience.

84 Lumber surveillance  cameras find a gentleman taking/stealing 3 Dewalt Battery Packs and a Charger totaling $595.29 on February 25. The same gentleman came back on the 26th of February and heisted an impact kit and a level totaling $444.28. On March 7th, the gentleman walked out with three socket kits totaling $111.57.

Enter Joe Holder. Mr. Jason Browning of Middlesboro was arrested on 3/7/19 about 2 in the afternoon and charged with:

Shoplifting 500 dollars or more but under 10K …2500.00 “Cash” Bond
Shoplifting under 500 dollars…No Bond
Shoplifting under 500 dollars…No Bond
Bench Warrant for failure to pay fines for shoplifting (Imagine that.) …343.00 Pay or Stay
Bench Warrant Indictment for excessive windshield tinting…No Bond

Mr. Browning is currently still chillin like a villin down at the Pineville center for Gypsies Tramps and Thieves. I guess he just went to the well one time too much. Mr. Browning has a short history in the Bell County Lock up. His past charges include:

Shoplifting X1
Possession of Controlled Substance X1

Now all of that wasn’t too exciting was it? This is why I had to include a couple of song lyrics. I know you love song lyrics. Anyhow, don’t wonder why your prices are so high with thievery being 2nd nature among much of Bell County. All of you that read these articles see how criminals continue to go to the same well getting the same results. We’ll see how the Justice/Injustice system down in Pillville handles these two over time.

Thank You Officer Harris and Joe Holder, we need you now more than ever.

Go Team Middlesboro!!!

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