It’s already been an entire day in the last hour. You ever have one of those starts to your day?

It (first hour of being awake) ended with Al (The Dog) getting out of the yard because one of the gates wasn’t pulled closed (my fault for not looking) with our neighbors light brown Dachshund, Nicky- and running fast as lightening down the street. Our neighbor is 80 and has difficulty getting around- She came over here to get Richard on the case- I arrived at the door in time to see she and the man making their shuffling way to our driveway after the dogs- had I had my coffee or brushed my teeth, it would have been funnier… as I hadn’t done either of those two things (coffee or brushed my teeth), I was less amused.

So I grabbed the leash (and the mans cane that I handed to him as I made my way to the street) and asked a question that made me feel like Pete Malloy on 1-Adam12- “Which way did they go?”

My neighbors on both sides of the street pointed in the general direction of southwest and described the suspects as streaks of white and brown- who had stopped to lick them before continuing on their dastardly crime spree and escape. I quickly made progress down the street, when I heard a disturbance at the end of the block. That meant they were very close to Variah (A busy Street) and traffic- The last house with a captive dog in the yard was barking their co-ordinance–and then vehicles, which neither animal has experience with, so I became a bit concerned.

Finally, I stopped walking and called out “Alley! Al! Come on!” Suddenly, he rounded the corner running at Greyhound speed, heading straight at me. Had I the opportunity to drink my coffee, I may have called him to come earlier, but I wasn’t quite pulled together; hence the slight delay.

Successfully leashed, we waited for that little brown Nicky to catch up to us. Al was a bit smug at being so much quicker than Nicky- but we all safely returned to our end of the street. The neighbors who were standing in their yards by now, expecting a horrible scene, grew bored and went back inside.

My neighbor asked “How old is he? He’s very sweet.” I said 8 or 9 and she remarked “Well, he should be much more calmed down by that age.” I just looked at her like she was a martian as we waited for her little terrorist of a dog to catch up to us. A Dachshund owner telling anyone else who owns a dog that their dog should be calmer by now is comical…..

The man had secured our gates by the time we arrived back to the house, for which I thanked him. And calm has returned to Oakwood.
1-Adam-12, Clear.

Cindy Cloy is a wife, mother and grandmother as well as a Military Veteran taking care of a Military Veteran Husband in Texas. She likes to cook and share recipes on Face Book. She also has the occasional musings that one just has to read.