From Charme Allen District Attorney:

Prosecutors the Major Crimes Unit obtained convictions against a man who beat and kidnapped his ex-girlfriend. Jonathan Darrell Hardin, 31, was convicted of Aggravated Kidnapping and Assault. Judge Steve Sword set the case for sentencing on November 22.

In a two-day trial, Assistant District Attorney Hector Sanchez and Acting Assistant District Attorney Sean Roberts explained to the jury that on December 16, 2018, the victim ended her relationship with Hardin by text message. Around 3:00 AM, Hardin entered the victim’s apartment, punched her in the face, and threatened her with a boxcutter. Hardin dragged the victim outside by her hair, hit her face on a concrete wall, and forced her into his vehicle. Hardin took the victim to a Weigel’s on Cherry Street. At the gas station, the victim was able to text her location to a friend who gave the information to Knoxville Police Department – TN Lieutenant Stan Cash. Lt. Cash alerted other KPD officers in the area who arrested Hardin and rescued the victim. The victim was taken by ambulance to the University of Tennessee Medical Center where she was treated for lacerations and bruises to her nose and face.

“Fortunately, the victim was not more seriously injured thanks to her own quick thinking and the fast response of KPD officers,” said DA Charme Allen.

Hardin is facing between eight and twelve years in prison that must be served consecutive to a ten-year sentence from a previous cocaine dealing case.