10/26/18 right around 6 p.m. Supper time for a lot of folks. Officer Nickie Capps (The Night Stalker) is awaiting the fall of the sun and darkness whereas his transformation to The Night Stalker will happen. Until night falls, Officer Capps is just like the rest of us, a big bag of bones, a hand gun and a lot of balls.

Officer Capps makes a traffic stop on an orange 1984 Ford Pick up truck on 23rd and Winchester for weaving over the yellow line and finds Mr. Charles E. Woodby of Middlesboro smelling like a brewery and can’t pass the road side sobriety test. Mr. Woodby also has some pills in his possession. The Stalker took him down to the Pineville home for career criminals and booked him on charges of:

Bench Warrant For Court/burglary 3rd shock probation…Pay or Stay 102.00 dollars
Possession of Controlled Substance 1st degree/1st offense (Drug Unspecified) …1K “Cash” bond
Operation of a motor vehicle under the influence of Alcohol/drugs/etc. .08 …nobond

Mr. Woodby was released today at 3:16 P.M. Either someone paid his “cash” bond or he paid his “cash” bond or the system just failed and let a career offender out the door. I mean, it’s not the first time we’ve seen this.

Mr. Woodby’s first arrest that I can find begins in 2004 and lists his address as New Tazewell Tn. In fact several of his first arrests do not list any charges or mug shots but still state the New Tazewell address. Over time Mr. Woodby developed a Middlesboro address and his charges include but may not be limited to:

Bench Warrants X 4
Possession of Drugs X 1
Operation of Motor Vehicle under the influence X 1
Burglary X 2
Criminal Trespass X 4
Shoplifting X 4
Theft By Deception /cold checks X 2
Tampering with physical Evidence X 1
Auto Theft X 1
Assault X 1
Probation Violation X 1
Warrant for other agency X 1
Public Intoxication X 1
Possession of Marijuana X 1

All in all I counted 27 times being booked into the Bell County Detention Center.

Where is the sense in all this? Is it better to be a career criminal in Kentucky than in Tennessee? Is this why they move?

The Night Stalker took a drunk driver off the streets before he hurt anyone. I guess the drunk driver gets the last laugh. 2 and 1/2 days and out. I suppose that “cash” bond and “pay or stay” didn’t mean a damn thing. I can’t seem to figure out how someone with a minor charge and little record can sit in the Pineville Jail for weeks while someone with 70 grams of meth and no bond can just walk away within hours. I hope there is someone out there that can explain this to the public. From my observance of other counties in Kentucky , this don’t happen so easily. You tell me because I’m damn sure confused.

Thank You Officer Capps for AT LEAST stopping a drunk driver from hurting anyone that night. I can not imagine the frustration of our law enforcement officers who risk their lives to put these absolute criminals away only to sit back and watch a %$$^^$$^^ SYSTEM let them back out on the street. This is infuriating.

Go Team Middlesboro !!!!

May God Be With You.