The Joker:

On 8/26/18 Around 2 P.M. over on Exeter Avenue, 51 year old Mr. Richard N. Brown Of Middlesboro had been suffering a long feud with his neighbors upstairs. At this point apparently Mr. Brown had had enough and thought: “I’ll be your Huckleberry”. Mr. Brown marched upstairs and kicked in the door while wielding a large kitchen knife. threatening the female and striking the male who lived there. Since other neighbors had witnessed this fiasco the police were called and within moments Law Man Smith (Michael) was on the scene. Although Mr. Brown is 6 foot tall and 235 pounds and holding a large knife, being a man of mature age, he rightly surrendered to the Law Man.

Mr. Brown is currently residing in Pineville’s Finest Time Share Apartments charged with Burglary 1st degree, Terroristic Threatening 3rd Degree and Assault 4th Degree. He has no bond at present. It’s a good thing he didn’t decide to be Law Man Smith’s Huckleberry. No news as to what the feud was about.

Another Sad One. Everyday I read stories like this. I just can not understand what is happening to the thought of being a “parent” anymore.

8/27/18, 11 A.M. in the morning. Sgt. B. Cowan (Big Bear) swore out a complaint warrant on Ms. Carol A. Mayes for leaving her children from the ages of 1 to 10 alone for several hours a day since the 13th of August. Ms. Mayes’ problems didn’t end there. She also had two bench warrants. Officer J.Johnson (J.J.) made the arrest assisted by Sgt. Cowan. Ms. Mayes now resides at Ferguson Arms in Pineville under a 1350.00 “cash” bond. She has not received bond on the charge of “Endangering The Welfare Of A Minor”. We have no news as to what has become of the children.

8/26/18 around noon, Law Man Smith observes Mr. Ronnie Mink over on 26th and Winchester. Mr. Mink is 40 years old, 6 Foot 7 inches and 223 pounds. He would kinda stand out in a crowd you know, unless it was NBA players. Anyhow, meth and a bench warrant…just the usual. Mr. Mink now resides at the Bell County Detention Center under a 1500.00 “Cash Bond”. I doubt they got a bunk long enough to hold him. Poor guy, feet sticking out over the end.

8/27/18, 5 P.M. Big Bear Cowan makes a traffic stop on a Red 2019 Mustang on Gumwood Rd. for excessive window tinting. I wonder if this is the same Red Mustang J.J. stopped recently (2 Users And A Homeless Guy ). Anyways, the driver gave Bear consent to search and well, a syringe and some meth. Both the driver and the passenger Mr. Charley Shelby denied ownership of the drugs. Charley had 404.00 dollars in his pocket suspected to be from trafficking so, off he went to Pineville. Law Man Smith made the arrest, assisted by Sgt. Big Bear Cowan and the speedy Joe Holder.

Charley is being held at “The place where everybody knows your name…and their always glad you came,” charged with drug trafficking and drug paraphernalia. It seems that every time you turn around Charley earns more frequent flyer miles at the jail. He just got out a month ago. ( Mamaw Complains, Frequent Flyer Miles And Somebody From Harrogate ).

What’s up with that? Is the jail just like a “time out” for drug dealers to rest up before they go back out and spread more poison? You can’t blame the jailer or the police for this, it is the lawyers and prosecutors that can’t seem to keep the public safe from criminals. It is no wonder that the drug dealers continue to ply their trade when the justice system continues to let them go. This puts tremendous strain on the police who have to arrest the same ones over and over. It also don’t help the jail that has to keep housing them. Something has to be done. Tougher laws maybe?

Rough couple of days for the boys in blue.

Go Team Middlesboro !!!