The Joker:

4/10/19 10:25 A.M. Officer Robin Venable (Rockin Robin) was called out to an EPO/DVO (Restraining Order) complaint at an apartment building. When Rockin Robin got out of the car he observed Ms. Chelsie Hensley Alias “Kuhns” leaving the property. Rockin Robin don’t know how lucky he was to actually “See” Chelsie. Those of you that follow these writings already know that she has the gift of invisibility if she chooses to use it. My bet is that she didn’t “see” Rockin Robin coming or she’d have just went gone.

Anyhow, Rockin Robin surprises Ms. Invisible Girl and had the cuffs on her faster than a cashier at Walmart can close their lane. Oh she wasn’t happy and proceeded to stomp her feet and “attempt to pull away”. Getting away from Rockin Robin just ain’t that easy. Just ask that Chinese guy, Click Here For Chinese Guy Story. So, Chelsie got loaded into the back of the car and off towards Pineville she went with Rockin Robin as her Chauffeur.

Considering the time, (Pre-Lunch Snack) Rockin Robin decided to pull into the Pilot out on the highway and get a large coke and a couple of those awful hot dogs that give you heartburn for about a week after you eat them. When Rockin Robin comes back out Chelsie is gone.

“Shit” how the hell did she get out of the back of the car, Rockin Robin was thinking as he was knocking down one of those awful hot dogs. With mustard falling on his uniform Rockin Robin makes the decision to call the station and put out a BOLO which basically admits he’s lost a suspect.

“Middlesboro Police Department, Officer Harvey Johnson Speaking, how may I help you?”
Rockin Robin: “Harvey, I’ve lost the girl I just arrested. Somehow she got out of the back of the car.”
Harvey: “What Girl”?
Rockin Robin: “A Chelsie Hensley, I picked her up on a warrant and was going to Pineville when I stopped to get a hot dog at the Pilot and somehow she got out of the back of the car.”
Harvey: “Robin are you in the cruiser”?
Rockin Robin: “Yeah”
Harvey: “Did you open the back doors”?
Rockin Robin: “Nah”.
Harvey: “Robin, now this will sound strange but just follow me. Put your speaker phone on and hold it up where someone in the back seat can hear it.”
Rockin Robin: “Ah, ok,”
Harvey: “Chelsie, stop scaring Officer Venable or I’ll call the Night Stalker”.
Voice Out Of The Back Seat: “BULLSHIT HARVEY !!!”
Harvey: “Don’t make me do it”.
Voice Out Of The Back Seat: “Please Harvey No !!!”
Rockin Robin looked into the back seat and there sat the young girl he’d just arrested. You could see that she was just not a happy camper.
Rockin Robin taking the phone off speaker: “Harvey she’s back there. This is crazy”.
Harvey: “If she goes invisible on you again just threaten her with The Night Stalker. She’s terrified of him and lay off those gas station hot dogs, they will kill you.”

As Rockin Robin continued driving Ms. Chelsie on her trip down to the Pineville Criminal Training Facility she was so pissed off at Harvey she started kicking the cage in the cruiser. Rockin Robin got back on the cell phone and acted like he was asking for The Night Stalker to call him. Chelsie stopped kicking.

Chelsie was charged with:

Bench Warrant for Failure To Appear 3/12/19, $101.00 “Cash” Bond.
Bench Warrant For Court/Failure To Appear Domestic Court, $2500.00 “Cash” Bond.
Violation of Kentucky EPO/DVO, NO BOND
Resisting Arrest, $5000.00 “Cash” Bond.

Chelsie didn’t give Rockin Robin anymore problem that day, but of course when the jail crew went to take her mug shot, you know it, t’was nothing there. As for me, I wish her the best of luck. I think the 5k for “resisting” is a little much but you know bonds don’t matter in Bell County. If she “self paroles” nobody can blame the Jail staff for that one.

For those that aren’t familiar with Chelsie’s previous escapades you can click here.

Rockin Robin spent the rest of his shift swallowing Tums.

Thank You Officer Venable for keeping the public safe. We really appreciate your efforts.

Go Team Middlesboro!!!