From Charme Allen…

Prosecutors in the Major Crimes Unit and officers with Knoxville Police Department – TN‘s Violence Reduction Team closed a local nightclub under the state nuisance law. The Vibe, located at 2630 North Broadway, was closed by order of Judge Bob McGee based on gang activity, shootings, and extremely violent behavior occurring at the club.

According to a petition filed by General Allen, The Vibe has been the scene of repeated shootings and other violent altercations. Since January, two individuals have been fatally shot because of activity occurring at the club. Citizens have also called E-911 on multiple additional occasions to report shots fired at the club. KPD officers have repeatedly been called to break up large disturbances. Known gang members frequent the club, often wearing gang colors and flashing gang signs. In short, The Vibe operates as a haven for criminal activity, is known in the area as such, and is a continued threat to this community. The Vibe is a menace to the community particularly due to the violence that is occurring both inside and outside of the business.

“We stepped in and closed this club to prevent further violence from occurring at this property,” said DA Charme Allen.

This nuisance injunction marks the fifty-eighth closure by the District Attorney’s Office and Knoxville Police Department in their ongoing collaboration to make neighborhoods safer from the activities that affect the safety and quality of life of residents in this community.