The Fun Never Ends In Middlesboro: The Joker’s View

On Tuesday the 15th at around noon Officer Dray got a call to check out a “domestic dispute” on Cumberland Avenue. Well it appears that Mr. Louie Ray Partin and Ms. Melissa Sue Houston/West/Bolton (Long name huh?) were just not getting along well. The dispatcher informed Officer Dray that Mr. Partin had a warrant and therefore he was immediately arrested. Mr. Partin consented to a search of his person (like one could refuse at this point) and well ….meth, needles and spoons were found (Jackpot). When Officer Dray turned his attention to Ms, too much to type, she also consented to be searched but informed the officer that she too was carrying drug paraphernalia (needles). Smart lady, she didn’t get charged for admitting the carry under KRS 218A.500(2) 6A. Druggies should read that statute for sure. Anyhow no physical violence occurred between those in the argument and all turned out well with Mr. Partin joining the ranks of those occupying the Bell County Detention Center. His bond is 1k Cash on the possession thing and 163 dollars “pay or stay” on the Warrant.

Next, on Tuesday the 15th at around 4 in the morning Officer Capps turned up Sherwood Rd. and an oncoming car blinded him with the bright lights (not cool, don’t you just hate that ?). Anyhow, Officer Capps initiated a traffic stop. The driver, Michael Reece of Tazewell and his passenger Kathy Lefevers seemed “extremely nervous”. As the Joker I would ask: “Why so serious?” Mr. Reece couldn’t find his insurance card, but while he was looking, Ms. Lefevers was seen trying “to conceal a pill bottle”. Well, now they both had to get out of the car. Mr. Reece consented to a search and the pill bottle contained….one guess ….”a plastic baggy with a rocky type substance believed to be meth.” Next to the driver was a tin can with a wadded up dollar bill that “had a white powdery substance believed to be cocaine.” At this point, as Jackie Gleason would say: “And Away We Go !” Mr. Reece’s bond is 3500 Cash and Ms. LeFevers’ is 1k Cash. Both are being housed in the Bell County Detention Center at the time of this writing. To Capp it off (pun intended), I hope they got a decent breakfast.

On Monday the 14th around 7:30 P.M. Officer Smith observed James Madden who was believed to have “active warrants”. Once stopped, the warrants were confirmed (shoplifting, speeding, disorderly conduct etc.). Officer Smith informed Mr. Madden that he was under arrest. Then Mr. Madden who is 18 years old, Five Foot Five and weights 145 pounds “tensed up in an aggressive manner”. For some reason, I don’t think that was a good idea. Running may have come to my mind, but then again …Joe Holder could have been nearby. Officer Smith then “went hands on to gain control.” Mr. Madden tried to “actively pull away and was screaming creating a disturbance until cuffed and placed in the cruiser.” I see kids do this all the time at Walmart. Mr. Madden also had a little weed in his pocket. So, shortly after arrival at the Detention Shack Mr. Madden was asked several times if he had any other sort of contraband on his person and it was explained to him that bringing such into the jail would be another charge. After repeatedly saying “no” he was searched again and well ….pocket knife. Kids just won’t listen. Anyway, 5k cash bond and a host of charges including “menacing”, maybe a bit too much I think. Not the bond, the charge, but of course I’m not the one that had to wrestle him into the cruiser.

Another couple of days in the life of the Middlesboro Cops. Late nights, needles, warrants, and disruptive children…not the way I want to spend my time. Being a public servant is rough, but being a policeman is rougher. The pay is low and the risk is high and I’m sure they often wonder if there is a reward at all. The public needs protection and they supply it. How often does the public actually know or understand that? Go Team Middlesboro. Job well done.

I’m going to close this segment with saying two things: 1. I know I gotta get jokes that younger people can understand. I’m old ya know. 2. Mr. Madden, if you ever see my face again, you will know that I tried to talk you out of this life of crime when you were riding a bicycle. Things are not that bad yet for you but if you continue on this path, believe me it can get a lot worse. This ain’t no joke son…..change your ways. I will pray for you.

For The Police Reports Click Here


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