The Joker:

8/5/2019, Monday, 10:30 P.M. Although it’s night time, it’s still a bit muggy out. Summer hasn’t left us yet for the heat still bears down. A call comes into dispatch about a man and a woman arguing on 20th and Cumberland. The Night Stalker answered the call.

Apparently a lady had gone out on a bike ride but unfortunately had a tumble. As she tried to gather herself, she watched her bike peddle away down 21st Street South. The Night Stalker who had now entered the scene followed the bike down 21st Street and threw his spot light on the rider who then “Peddled” behind the old Daily News building attempting to escape.

Well after a few mins the Bike Thief came out from behind the Daily News building and started walking down the side walk where The Night Stalker awaited him. The Stalker ordered him to stop and give up several times. The man refused and kept walking. This went on for maybe 2 min until The Stalker had to take him to the ground and effect the arrest.

After the arrest was made and the perpetrator was safely inside an old Clunker, The Night Stalker checked behind the building where a 40 caliber handgun with a full magazine and holster was found. The Thief is a convicted Felon.

Well, Mr. Harvey Gollahan was taken down to the Pineville Center for those with learning problems and booked in charged with:

Fleeing or Evading Police (On Foot)
Resisting Arrest
Possession of Handgun by convicted Felon

Mr. Gollahan was listed as having “no bond” but yet was released a day and a half later. I guess he got a good lawyer huh?

So, let’s get to the part of the story you love so much. Yes, Harvey has seen Pineville more than the Chained Rock. His past bookings amount to 20 times going back to 1999. His charges include but are not limited to:

Probation Violation (Felony Offense) X1
Criminal Mischief 3rd Degree X5
Contempt of Court X1
Reckless Driving X1
Assault X3
Public Intoxication X3
Violation of Emergency Protection Order X1
Carrying a concealed deadly weapon X1
Possession of Marijuana X1
Possession of Controlled Substance (Drug Unspecified) X1
Suspended Licence X1
Bench Warrant Other Agency X1

Trying to run from The Night Stalker? Who did you think you were Joe Holder? Refusing to be handcuffed by The Night Stalker? Who did you think you were Bruce Lee Bradley? I mean really, obviously Mr. Gollahan is having some learning issues.

The Night Stalker took another Felon off the streets (for a short while) armed with a loaded deadly weapon. Thank You Night Stalker for protecting the public . God knows the Pineville justice system ain’t doing it.

I hope the lady got her bike back.

Go Team Middlesboro!!!