The Joker:

Stop One:

Today close to 1 P.M. Officer J. Johnson (J.J. who never has lunch), arrested Mr. Brandon Bush of Middlesboro for “Trafficking” as well as a parole violation which includes “absconding” and “failure to complete treatment”.

“Watch out brother for that Long Black Train”.

Stop Two:

Yesterday (8/23/18) just about midnight at Wendy’s, Mr. Lester Perry of Middlesboro was arrested by Sgt. Josh (Bust Em) Burchett on a complaint warrant from American Rental (free advertising), for selling the washer and dryer he rented to someone in order to gain funds to return to Florida. I would have waited, it’s way too hot this time of year in Florida.

“That Train is a beauty making everybody stare”.

Stop Three:

8/23/18 right around Midnight, officer Josh Harris arrested James Maddon of Middlesboro for “concealed deadly weapon” (brass knuckles), “receiving stolen property” (hand gun), “possession of a controlled substance 1st degree, 1st offense (Meth). The hand gun was stolen from his grandmother.

I am familiar with Mr. Maddon. He used to come by my mother’s house (God Rest her Soul) and shake her down for 10 or 20 dollars when he was in his early teens (He looks 12 years old) with stories about fixing bicycles and school supplies until I caught him. Then he tried to convince me to buy stolen Walmart items for extreme discounts. I told him, “Son, you are a good hustler, learn to hustle legit and you’ll do well”. I tried to give him a job even. Obviously, my advice fell on deaf ears. Now here is Mr. Maddon again in trouble with the law. The last time he was arrested he tried to wrestle with Law Man Smith. All 125 pounds of his 5 foot 4 body was hustled into a patrol car and carried off to Pineville. Now he is at it again.

Mr. Maddon I’m sending you a message like Clevon Little to Kowalski (Vanishing Point, 70s Movie), graduating to guns and drugs will only end in tragedy for you. Young boys like you in a big prison house …well…that ain’t the ring you want to wear. Get off this long Black Train while you can because “it’s only destination is the middle of nowhere”.

The engineer of that Long Black Train is someone I am familiar with. I’ve met him several times. Either you get off the Train when you have a chance or you ride it right into Hell. Many of our readers will understand this. You can see that those above are sitting comfortably in a seat on the train. There will be another stop, I hope they burn their tickets and get off.

Mr. Bush and Mr. Maddon are still being held in the Detention Center awaiting escape, I mean release. Mr. Perry had a 1k “cash” bond and has been released, probably on his way to Florida.

“I can hear the whistle from a mile away”.

Go Team Middlesboro !!!

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