The Joker:

6/27/19 around 1:30 in the afternoon over on 18th Street, Officer Jeremiah Johnson (J.J.) arrests 26 year old Billy Ray Lowe on 4 warrants. 2 for FTA (No Bond listed) and 1 for Probation Violation (No Bond Listed) and another for Court (Pay Or Stay 188.00 Dollars). Now all of this is not very exciting but I promised you I’d keep bringing this up…The Police Report lists Mr. Lowe as “Homeless”.

Yeah, we can get out our New Awlins accents and argue “Who Dis” and “Why Dat” and “Dis ain’t” and “Dat ain’t” but it would be easier to give you one word that tells the whole story…METHAMPHETAMINE.

You see, Mr. Lowe here was arrested for Possession of Meth in May of last year and let out 7 days later. In September Billy was arrested again and spent about 3 months in the Bell County lock up on a bench warrant. In January of this year Billy was back at it again with possession of Meth and a warrant for not going to court. Having served about a week, here we are again and Billy is listed as “Homeless”. Nowhere to go.

If this spiral continues, Billy will just get Lower and Lower, eventually ending up in one of three places: The Jail, The Mental Hospital or The Grave Yard (Most likely).

I don’t have to tell you, nor give you a lecture on what Meth is doing to Eastern Kentucky and Eastern Tennessee. Just about all of you reading this have felt it’s affects either through family members, friends, or the array of other events such as theft, Death on the Highways, needles, tweakers etc. What I can tell you again is what many of you just refuse to hear. I really don’t care if you argue or disagree. The facts are on my side. THE VAST MAJORITY OF METH IS COMING TO YOUR NEIGHBORHOOD FROM ACROSS THE MEXICAN BORDER. You can deny, you can complain, you can bitch but, it is what it is. Remember this when you rush to get your weekly Fajita with extra Guacamole.

As far as Billy goes. Let us hope he recovers and escapes before it gets worse. I doubt J.J. took much pleasure in shipping him to Pineville. In this case, the jail is acting as a homeless shelter. Sometimes Jail ain’t so bad huh?

Thank You J.J. for your service.

Go Team Middlesboro!!!