The Joker:

If you’ve been watching, and some of you actually do, there have been several large Meth busts between Laurel and Claiborne Counties. I guess they stopped looking in Grainger, Hamblen, Campbell and Union. Anyhow, when a pound of death dust is located and taken away from the Baby Killing dealers, some folks just go…yawn. They’d rather see the “who” rather than the “what”. I guess being nosy is OK but being smart is better. Let’s take a little look at the issue.

I know that many of you relish in seeing someone you don’t like or that uppity lady at Church’s granddaughter pulled over and rushed down to Pineville on a Possession of Meth charge. Yes that is the “who”, and it’s OK for that to be your major concern, but once again, lets do the math on the “what”.

From what I’ve been told and read about, it takes about a gram a day to keep a professional Meth Head on his ride. The cost of this gram is usually around 80 bucks. Therefore, a full blown addict has roughly a 560 dollar habit per week. That is more than double of a person that smokes 3 packs of cigarettes and drinks a 12 pack of beer a day (Roughly 150 bucks per week). Now how long the Meth Head can keep up (stay alive) at this rate, I can not say. All drug users are different. Some Meth Heads may use more or less of the drug. The point is the cost.

Moving on, for those of you who do not know this, there are 28 grams in 1 ounce. So, theoretically, an ounce of death dust would keep 28 folks high for one day. That ounce would generate at retail price (28X80=) 2,240 dollars. Not bad huh?, and we’ve not even figured the cost yet.

So let’s pump up the party a little more. Once again, you know of the large Meth Busts lately. A pound of Death Dust is 16 ounces. So, (16×28=) 448 Grams X 80 bucks equals 35,840 dollars. Enough to buy a house in some places in Bell County or at least a new Truck.

Now let’s look at the cost. Depending on who you ask, a pound of meth ranges from 3k to 20k depending on what part of the country you are in. California is the cheapest because it has a larger population of Motor Cycle Gangs that do the trafficking and is close to the Mexican border where 90 percent of the Death Dust that reaches the U.S. comes from (According to the DEA).

More local prices to Bell County range from, 7.5K to 10K in Lexington, 10K to 14K in Louisville and 9.5K to 12K in London. As we know, as far as Middlesboro goes, most of the dope flows in from the South through the tunnel. Now that is not to say there is not Northern suppliers also, but here are the Big Orange prices. Nashville 9.5K To 15K, Memphis 9K To 15K, Knoxville 9K To 15K. Michigan, which most of the Northern Dealers busted in the Boro seem to roll in from, costs are, Saginaw 14K To 19K, Grand Rapids 14.5K to 18K, and Detroit 15K to 18K. So, with prices per pound ranging about 12k on average, an almost 36K return if sold retail is 3 times on your money. Not bad huh? I guess it’s better than slaving at McDonalds.

Remember, According to the DEA 90 percent of the Meth in the U.S. comes from labs in Mexico and is driven across the border in vehicles. Sort of makes me laugh at the Church folks who won’t eat at a Mexican restaurant that serves beer. I guess they don’t think about what those burritos are really funding.

Now, let’s break this down into the City limits of Middlesboro. As you that have eyes to see have noticed, hardly a day goes by (bad joke, some will get it ), that there isn’t an arrest for possession of Meth, DUI (Drugs) or even Trafficking in Meth. I dont think you can argue that statement. Where does all this meth come from? I think we’ve already answered that question, but let us look at the real Math no one ever seems to notice. Meth heads and past meth heads, feel free to disagree with me.

Could I conservatively say that an ounce of Meth (28 Grams) is sold in the Boro Daily? If that is so, then you have 28 people that are really high at any given time during the day. Now if only 10 percent of these individuals decide to get behind the wheel, you have 2.8, not just impaired, but damn out of their mind drivers cruising a city of only 10K folks. I can hear some of you saying to yourselves, “Mr. Joker, you have no idea”. You may be right. So let’s say that half a pound or 8 ounces of Meth are sold in the Boro on a daily basis that makes 224 stoned out of their mind individuals in the City that day. If 10 percent of them decide to drive then that is 22.4 stoners that are ready to mow down Grandmaw going to the mail box. Of course none of this includes the guy that has just had too many beers and wants to run by Kroger, or the depressed lady that took an extra Oxy this afternoon and needs to go out for smokes. Think about it. A City of 10k? It’s no wonder the auto insurance rates are so high there.

Ok, I’m sure that some of you will argue/debate with me on the above. Actually, I welcome it because the public needs to learn all it can about this plague. In the mean time, there is one more factor we should see in all this.

The figures came out yesterday that more Police Officers died by suicide in 2018 than were killed in the line of duty. The stress of being the public’s protector and peace keeper while the public demeans, degrades and constantly accuses it’s public servants sometimes becomes more than one can bear. Just about every Department in the Eastern Ky. and Eastern Tn. region are hiring. It is a really hard job, physically, mentally and emotionally. The family has to deal with it also. It is very similar to Military families. Nobody will deny that there are bad cops, but the vast majority are good, honest men and women just trying to make a living while caring about the place they live in. Today is National Law Enforcement Appreciation Day. Maybe, you could just take a step back for a moment and realize that you (The Public) really need your protectors.

Working from memory, in the last year, there were 33 individuals indicted in Claiborne County for Trafficking in Meth by the FEDS. These weren’t your every day pass off a few points individuals. They were a network of retailers supplied by the producers in Mexico. Also, recently over 2 pounds of death dust was also taken away from a dealer and a mule in Claiborne County. A pound of meth was taken from a man driving through Bell County from Arizona in 2018. I can’t say how many went down to Pineville in the last year with up to an ounce or more on them. That is a lot of Blue Death Dust just waiting for your grandchildren to latch on to, and there is always a baby killer that will sell it to them. Makes you sick don’t it? Well, it makes the MPD sick also because they are out manned, out gunned, out financed and the public don’t seem to want to step up and help, while the Bell County Justice System seems more concerned with letting the dealers out and keeping the users in. It’s a real mess.

Maybe you’ve learned a thing or two. Maybe not.

Thank You MPD.

Go Team Middlesboro!!!