The Joker:

Lets start this one out easy. On 6/30/18 Sgt. Cowan arrested Joseph Martin of Cumberland Gap Tn. for possession of controlled substance 1st degree and a bench warrant. Mr. Martin is currently staying at Ferguson Arms in Pineville under a 1k “cash” bond.

Also on 6/30/18 Sgt Cowan arrested Joseph Brooks of Speedwell Tn. on a host of charges including operation a motor vehicle under the influence, possession of a firearm by convicted felon, a couple bench warrants, possession of controlled substance, tampering with physical evidence, TRAFFICKING and oh yes …Speeding 5mph over the limit. Mr. Brooks is currently residing in beautiful downtown Pineville’s luxury hotel…The Detention Center under a 5k “Cash” bond.

On 7/1/18 around 2:30 in the morning Officer Capps (The Night Stalker) made a traffic stop on a smooth Impala because it failed to use a turn signal. So Officer Capps was told by the driver that he was just giving the passenger a ride and “didn’t know who he was”. The driver gave consent to search the vehicle and when the passenger heard that he got out of the car “before being asked.” Well he ran straight into Bruce Lee Bradley. You can bet that cooled his jets. Apparently Mr. James Lumpkin of Barbourville was attempting to rid himself of a small bag of meth. Didn’t work. Mr. Lumpkin is now much closer to Barbourville being housed at the Bell County Detention Center under a 1k “Cash Bond”. With Bruce Lee Bradley and Night Stalker Capps working the same shift, bad guys better stay home at night.

Later that day, right after lunch, Sgt. Floyd Patterson (Motown) responded to a call about a man passed out in his car. Sure enough, Mr. Troy Bates of Middlesboro was napping but had unfortunately left a bag of meth in the seat on the passenger side. Upon further investigation Mr. Bates also had a warrant from Bell County and one from Claiborne County which makes one a fugitive from another state. Mr. Bates is now residing in the Bell County Detention Center under a 1k “Cash” bond. He is also awaiting an upgrade in room when he is extradited to Claiborne County.

On 7/2/18 around 5 P.M. (supper time) Sgt. Floyd Patterson who was off duty, happened to stop into “First Place Trophy” (free advertising) to visit the owner. While they were chatting, a noise was heard in the back. The owner and Sgt. Patterson went to investigate. They found Mr. Gus Robbins of Middlesboro attempting to carry a Craftsman Table Saw out the door. Naturally Officer Patterson confronts him whereas he takes off running. You can see it coming….Floyd is about to put the Motown in Downtown. Sgt. Patterson takes off after the suspect and “was able to apprehend him” on South 20th Street. Yeah Floyd ran him down. Mr. Robbins didn’t want to go nicely, so Sgt. Patterson got on the radio (Motown to Big Bear). Sgt Cowan (Big Bear) arrived and according to him “took Robbins into Custody”. Thanks Big Bear. Mr. Robbins went to jail. Floyd went to supper.

Lastly on 7/2/18 around 7 P.M. Officer Dray (The Professor) is dispatched to the 30th street Church Of God with reports of someone being there under the influence. Officer Dray arrives and finds Mr. Michael Gooden in his vehicle with a “male juvenile”. Upon contact Mr. Gooden had “droopy eyelids”, “depressed reflexes”, “raspy speech”, “failed to balance”, “body tremors” and was “slow and sluggish”. In other words, “High as a Georgia Pine”. Things get worse from here. Mr. Gooden has more pills on him than a pharmacy (Too many to list, read the police report). Mr. Gooden is currently staying in the drug trafficker hotel in Pineville charged with 8 counts. No bond is listed (Good !!). Because what happened to Sgt. Patterson just a couple hours earlier, Joe Holder assisted officer Dray. With Joe Holder there, no one would dare run.

There you have it. A few more days in the life of our boys in blue. It ain’t easy but somebody has to do it. For Christ’s sake you can’t even get a day off anymore. Besides the usual stuff, Officer Dray took a load of pills off the streets of middlesboro. Great Job Officer. Sgt. Cowan was consistent as ever scoring two arrests for drugs and more. With Bradley and Capps now on the same shift, drug dealers better learn to work in the mornings. Finally, I just can’t say enough about Sgt. Patterson’s heroics on his day off. Sure the suspect was carrying a table saw when Floyd ran him down but, that’s what I call a “handicap” race. It was only fair.

So ended a few good days for the swarm. Nobody got hurt and Floyd got some exercise.

The Motown remains in Downtown.

Go Team Middlesboro !!!

Middlesboro Police Report Click Here