The Joker:

9/9/18 just after 11:30 p.m. How many times have I warned you criminals about that 11 to 12 hour? It’s prime time for the Night Stalker. It’s when all his stars are aligned to catch you. If you won’t listen and hide during that hour, then don’t expect any sympathy from me. Being the Criminal Whisperer ain’t an easy job you know.

Officer Capps comes on duty and is given one chore. Take down the Farrow gang. Now, NIGHT STALKER MODE !!!

The Farrow gang are operating out of a run down apartment building on 32nd street. The drugs are flying out of there. It looks like a Walmart parking lot at the first of the month. The Night Stalker has a warrant for 54 year old gang member Terry Farrow for drug trafficking. He also has one for 30 year old Derick Farrow.

The Night Stalker enters the door to upstairs. He opens the trench coat revealing his double sidearms, his badge and begins creeping up the steps in which every other one creeks. Believe me, this ain’t the Huckleberry you want. Naturally, like any good suspense flick, he gets to the top of the stairs and runs into a woman. When asked who she was she replied: “Christina Sargent”. Christina needless to say did not have a photo ID so she gave the officer a social security number, and then another, and then another (The numbers came back to two men and one woman). Finally, it was found that she was wanted in Harlan County for a felony parole violation. More on her later. The Night Stalker has to take the gang down.

The Farrow boys were totally surprised by the light knock on the door thinking it was just more business. Finding the Night Stalker at your front door with those glowing red eyes in a trench coat with 2 side arms, well, it was best to just give in. Besides, Joe Holder was at the foot of the stairs, so trying to jump out a back window was simply out of the question.
Needless to say the Farrow gang and Ms. 3 social security numbers are all staying down at the Ferguson Arms in Pineville. Their charges are listed below:

Christina Lewis
Felony parole violation
3 counts of theft of identity
1 count of theft of property

Terry Farrow
Bench Warrant for trafficking 1st degree, 1st offense (Meth)

Derick Farrow
5 counts of possession of meth
Complaint Warrant (trafficking)
Bench Warrant for FTA
and 3x Warrant for other agencies.

All three with high or no bonds. They ain’t going nowhere for awhile.

Mission accomplished for now.

It was just another evening for the Night Stalker, just another drug bust, just another group of criminals taken off the street. For the citizens of Middlesboro, it was a small victory, another drug den taken down. If you think it’s that easy, just ask to ride one shift with the Night Stalker. No smoking in the patrol car, it already smells like brimstone. In fact, Nickie won’t even let the mechanics look at the car. He calls her “Christine”.

I better be quiet now. The Night Stalker don’t really like a lot of publicity and Joe Holder doesn’t appreciate the speed jokes. Seriously, its true. Joe Holder is faster than a magistrate handing out campaign cards.

Great Job Nickie and Joe.

Go Team Middlesboro !!!