The Joker:

10/29/18 at 2:17 in the afternoon. The Boro is under a cloud cover but yet the sun still manages to get through just enough to keep one from being too cold. The Autumn breeze creeps by creating the feeling of angst knowing winter is on the way. Officer Christopher Barnes, the new guy at the station, is on patrol. The Cruiser (Clunker) he was given don’t run too well and the air and heat don’t work. One drives with the windows down to avoid the sweat or puts them up to stave off the freeze. The main thing is to stay focused. In the Boro, anything can happen.

Officer Barnes was formally with the Bell County Sheriff’s Department. A fine organization of men and women that serve the county with honor and dignity, but they aren’t the MPD. The Middlesboro Police Department are the Marines, Navy seals, Army Rangers and Green Berets all rolled into one. There aren’t any participation trophies given out here. You make it or you shake it.

A call came in from dispatch that someone ( Mamaw) observed a drug deal go down in the car wash area of the Gulf station (that is closed) on Cumberland Avenue. Test number 1. The call didn’t come in from the Mayor, the Governor, The Judge Executor, The Flocoe, the call came in from “Mamaw”, also known as the taxpayer. Mamaw’s wishes are always top priority.

Having been given a description of the vehicle (A Gray, 4 door, 2010 Mazda) Officer Barnes manages to run it down in front of International Homes on U.S. 25 E. Yes, this blocked up traffic and caused all the nosy drivers to rubber neck but, give Officer Barnes a break, he’s not accustom to the big city yet. The point is, he’s got the suspect and Mamaw is pleased.

As Officer Barnes approached the vehicle “a strong odor of marijuana” wafted through the air (He’ll have to get used to that in the Boro). The Driver, Ms. Lisa Stacy of Middlesboro explained to Officer Barnes that the odor was due to the gentleman she was talking to back at the car wash smoking weed. Yes it’s true that Officer Barnes was born at night but not last night. After a search of the vehicle some meth (2 grams) and syringes were found. Officer Barnes has scored.

The Driver, Ms. Stacy was chauffeured down to the Pineville Center for Poison dealers where she is staying in a nice room with the finest of accommodations under a 1500.00 bond for Trafficking in Controlled substance and a 1500.00 “Cash” bond for Drug Paraphernalia buy-possess.

The above alone is not enough to make the team but, You see, Ms. Stacy isn’t just your average everyday drug dealer…she’s got experience. Her Bell County run began in 2009 and names addresses in Tazewell Tn, Middlesboro and Pineville Ky. Her charges listed are:

Open Container X 1
Possession of Marijuana X 1
Drug Paraphernalia X 2
Falsely Reporting An Incident X 1
Contempt Of Court X 1
Bench Warrants X 1
Trafficking in controlled Substance/Methamphetamine X 3

Good Catch Officer Barnes.

I took some flack when I gave Officer Barnes the nick name of “Big C.” after his first two weeks on the force. Some just did not appreciate my letting him into the club so easily, but I knew he’d make it. Sometimes a little faith don’t hurt you know.

Lets face it. It ain’t easy being accepted into the MPD Club. Big Bear Cowan tried to give Big C. a high five after this bust but Big C. couldn’t jump high enough. Harvey is already known to have given Big C a hard time. Put yourself in Big C’s place. Your eyes don’t glow in the dark, you can’t run like Joe Holder, Not even near the Panache of J.J., Can’t intellectually hang with The Professor, Not loved like Harvey, No where near the sophistication of the Southern Gentleman, Not as serious as Mr. Serious, Can’t Bust Em like Burchett, Not as Big As Big K, Not as Bad as Bad Brad Cawood, No moves like Bruce Lee Bradley, You ain’t suave like Petie and damn sure can’t sing like Motown, You haven’t “heard it all ” like J. Hurd, or are as intimidating as Big D. Buis, when it comes to Big Quillie…don’t even go there. Yes Law Man Smith, I know you were on back up in this bust.

The Point is…Big C got his man, I mean Girl. Another poison dealing baby killer off the streets of the Boro for a short while. Thank You Big C. Great Job.

Welcome to the Club Big C.

Go Team Middlesboro !!!