The Joker:

8/31/18, around 3 a.m. Officer Nickie Caps (The Night Stalker) is patrolling the parking lot at Walmart when he spots a 2001 silver Chevy that just didn’t seem right. The Stalker made a stop. When in contact with the driver she had “severe body tremors” and “pinpoint pupils”. Needless to say, she couldn’t pass a road side sobriety test. She stated she was “guilty”, declined an attorney and submitted to a blood test. Consent was given to search the vehicle and in the front console was found some meth. She even admitted to using meth and suboxone. It was 3 a.m., maybe she’d just had enough.

Officer Capps then escorted Ms. Candice Ralls of Evarts Ky. to Pineville where she now resides charged with Operating a motor vehicle under the influence of alcohol/drugs/etc. and Possession of a controlled substance 1st degree, 1st offense (meth) as well as a couple more minor charges. I’m sure she enjoyed the ride. Not everyone gets to meet the Night Stalker.

On 8/30/18 at 7 p.m Officer Michael Bradley (Bruce Lee), was called to check on a lady who apparently was not doing so well. Upon encountering Ms. Wendy Adkins of Middlesboro, Officer Bradley found her to have exaggerated reflexes, “rapid speech”, and “bruxism”. Yes, before we go any farther, I had to look the word up also…it means “grinding of the teeth”. She was also speaking in broken sentences and had a bag of meth on her. When she was ordered to put her hands behind her back she struggled momentarily, while making a spectacle of herself to the neighbors who were now outside watching. Remember, this is Bruce Lee Bradley, struggles don’t go on long. Lt. Tom Busic (Southern Gentleman) assisted in the arrest so you know she was treated like a lady.

Ms. Atkins now has a comfortable room at the Bell County Detention Center charged with:
Possession of controlled substance 1st degree, 1st offense (meth)
Public Intoxication controlled substance (excludes alcohol)
Disorderly Conduct 1st degree
Resisting Arrest

This morning 8/31/18 around 10 a.m. Officer J. Johnson (J.J.) served 2 bench warrants on Ms. Joanie Bullock of Middlesboro for FTA and FTA. While J.J. was at it he also served a complaint Warrant for Trafficking in controlled substance 1st degree, 1st offense (Methamphetamine). Apparently, Detective Holder, who signed the complaint had used an informant who was wearing a wire to purchase drugs from Ms. Bullock. OH MY !!! Sounds like a movie.

J.J. made the arrest and Joe Holder had Ms. Bullock down to the Bell County Detention Center faster than Bill Kelly could give a relative a job. She resides there now charged with 2 bench warrants and Trafficking in a controlled substance. Her bond all together is 6k “cash”. Way to go Joe.

So there you have it. Ladies night and the feelings right.

In all seriousness, it is sad to see how drugs are destroying women’s lives. Women seem to be affected/effected more by the drug epidemic than men. They lose their husbands, parents, children and dignity to the poisons that have invaded the very soul of our nation. Many women are caught up in the current of drug abuse due to their husbands, sons, and fathers who become dealers and uses. Women are far more apt to hold stronger to relationships than men causing them to “stand by their man” when they should be getting the hell out. The worse case scenarios are when women are subjected to sexual abuse (prostitution, human trafficking, etc.) in order to satisfy their own addictions or the addictions of others. I can’t imagine the trauma of a child being taken away from his/her mother and not knowing or understanding why. May God help us.

Great job by our boys in blue taking drugs off the streets. Go Team Middlesboro !!! We need you now more than ever.