A salvage yard car crusher is smashing a sedan for eventual shredding and recycling.

The Joker:

Shefield Texas, population 600, just North of the Mexican border shortly after dark, an elderly man sits in a lone high back chair in the living room of an empty house. A old Oak door slowly opens and a small Mexican man enters into the darkness.

Elderly Man: “Our receipts are down”.
Mexican Man: “Si, senior”.
Elderly Man: “Why is this”?
Mexican Man: “There is something called El Night Stalker causing problems”.
Elderly Man: “Can we not use the usual means of taking care of the issue”?
Mexican Man: “No Senior. This one is different, He no wants to listen”.
Elderly Man: “Then notify The Recycle Man”.

5/18/19 6:05 P.M. Officer Nicholas Capps is on patrol during daylight hours. As you know, this is not what Nickie wants but with the department short on men he answers the call to duty like any brave man would.

Dispatch: “Hey Capps, you out there?”
Officer Capps: “Yes Sir”.
Dispatch: “Some lady called in and said she had a message for you and to meet her over at that church off of Evans Drive behind the meat packing plant”.
Officer Capps: “Copy Sir”.

Officer Capps and Christine pull into the gravel parking lot where they can hear the music blasting out of the little Church. They wait for a few minutes for a lady to approach them but it doesn’t happen. Officer Capps decides to enter the church. Christine says: “Careful Nickie”

Officer Capps enters through the front door of the church whereas the noise immediately gets much higher. The preacher is screaming and the building with a full congregation is swaying. No one seems to notice Officer Capps’ presence. What Officer Capps sees right away is the several men and women in the front of the Church holding slithering Snakes above their heads while others are passing around a clear liquid in a Ball jar. The situation isn’t exactly what Officer Capps expected. The scene is mesmerizing like out of a late night movie.

Officer Capps shakes it off and is about to leave and write this episode off as a false call when the Preacher points at him standing in the middle of the aisle at the back of the church and screams:

“I see a bad moon arising”
“I see trouble on the way”
“I see earthquakes and lightin”
“I see bad times today”
“Don’t go around tonight, it’s bound to take your life”
“There’s a bad moon on the rise”

Officer Capps turns to leave but hears:

“Hope you got your things together”
“Hope you are quite prepared to die”
“Looks like we’re in for nasty weather”
“One eye is taken for an eye”

Facing the preacher Officer Capps gets the final warning:

“Don’t go around tonight, it’s bound to take your life”
“There’s a bad moon on the rise”

Just before dark, as is their usual practice, Christine pulls into the parking lot up on the hill where the old Red Oak Church is so that the transformation can take place in private. Officer Capps exits the vehicle and begins his usual walk towards the cemetery. When the last ray of daylight leaves the crater Officer Capps becomes the feared one…The Night Stalker.

Upon returning to Christine, she hit the gas and got back out on the Beltline heading towards town. It is 9:35 P.M.

Still May 18th, just after dark. The Full moon is rising to it’s peak. May’s moon is called “The Flower Moon” for good reason. It is the time when the flowers spring forth and the bees begin to pollinate the world, spreading life. It is also the time of the month when the darkness shares more of it’s time with the light. The night of the month when the Stalker is at his weakest.

10:56 P.M. Dispatch calls in that there has been a theft at the Bell County Recycling Center on 15th Street and that someone would be there to meet an officer. The Night Stalker and Christine pull in to the parking lot and circle several bundles of cans and other things until they reach the garage meeting a middle aged heavy set man in a uniform waving them inside where the lights are shining bright.

Once inside The Stalker starts to exit the car when suddenly the sound of metal encompassing he and Christine are heard…Clang, Clang, Clang, Clang. Before they can think,they are now trapped in a metal box. A car crusher.

Slowly the sound of the crusher begins to be heard…the groan of metal against metal that eventually grows louder. Christine says:

“Nickie, I can’t hold it back”
The Night Stalker: “Do your best girl, we’ll survive this”

Christine’s windows were blowing out loudly as the crusher continued the pressure. Her front and rear were compressing. She was beyond her limit of being able to resist. The Stalker had slumped himself into the seat as Christine’s top came closer and closer to grinding him.

“Nickie, I love you” She uttered with her last few breaths.

Like a lighting strike from a 1950s Western, the sound of the crusher ceased and the collapse of the metal doors began to release their grip on Christine and The Stalker. Clang, Clang, Clang, Clang, the metal doors of the crusher fell back.

The Stalker crawled out through the broken window of his beloved ride and found himself looking back at a broken, beaten, and almost finished Christine. Turning he, sees an overweight, middle aged Mexican man lying on the concrete floor of the recycle center with a hypodermic needed jabbed into his neck. The man shook and moved a bit before going into the final seizure where he entered the after life. The Remote control of the Car Crusher was in his hand. The circular name tag on his work shirt read…”Recycle”.

The Stalker immediately called for back up and a wrecker to take Christine back to the Stalker Cave. Within minutes the tow truck, Lt. Edward Myers (Mr. Serious) and Officer Joel Quillen (The Big Quillie) were on the scene.

As the tow truck driver was hooking up Christine to take her back to the Stalker Cave, the Night Stalker said: “Hang on girl, when I get home we’ll get you the best of care”. Christine was lifted up on the flat bed and driven away. The Stalker noticed the name of the Towing company, “J And L.S. Towing” .

Mr. Serious: “Looks like someone saved your ass Stalker” .
The Stalker: “Yeah”
Mr. Serious: “My guess is you got friends you don’t know about” .
The Stalker: “Yeah”
The Big Quillie: “I’m just glad you’re ok”.
Mr. Serious: “Call the coroner”.
The Stalker: “Drug Dealer I bet” .
Mr. Serious: “Now your a psychic”?

Christine was resting on the back of the flat bed as they went down 15 street to the corner where it meets Cumberland Avenue. The tow truck didn’t turn right towards the Stalker Cave but left towards 25 E. When it reached 25 E it turned right going into the tunnel towards Tennessee. Christine knew then that something was wrong. She looked into the cab of the tow truck and seen the green hair of the Joker flowing forth. It was over. She would now die at the hands of an arch criminal. She was helpless.

As she was driven through the tunnel chained to the flatbed , thinking about how she would be dismantled, the Banannalac with Lola Sinn driving, pulled up next to the tow truck. Lola Sinn’s long dark hair was blowing in the night wind. Christine thought to herself how the final insult to her life would now be delivered by an insane criminal and her cousin the Banannabitch, but the Bananalac said: “Don’t worry Cuz, We got this”. Christine passed out soon after they left the tunnel.

5 Minutes later a tow truck arrived at the Recycling Center. The driver asked: “Where’s the vehicle you want towed”?

Stay Tuned.
Go Team Middlesboro!!!


Credence Clearwater Revival’s “Bad Moon Rising” Click Here

The above is merely fantasy, unless you believe in Night Stalkers and talking cars. Do you talk to your car?