1/1/19 3:33 A.M. The Night Stalker is on Patrol when a call comes in of a man causing a disturbance out on Sugar Run Road. For those of you who don’t know where Sugar Run Road is, it begins in the National Park and makes it’s way up the mountain towards the Pinnacle before veering off to the North (Hwy. 988). The Road is winding and narrow. If you recall there was once a chase on that road that involved the Stalker In the past, Click Here For That Story ,Sugar Run as it’s called, is dark, curvy, scary, has few straightaways, is an old bootlegger route, If it could talk, you’d hear history like you’d never heard before. Basically, if there is a haunted highway in the County, this is it.

As The Stalker and Christine wind their way down Sugar Run towards where the call came from they think it is merely a late New Year’s reveler that has refused to go to bed. The fog is thick and it forces slow travel but as they near the sight of the call, the fog can not be seen through. Christine is on crawl. The Stalker has the windows down where he hears a male voice screaming obscenities into the night. Suddenly the fog clears and The Stalker observes a lone suspect in the middle of the Road with a rifle lifted to his shoulder and “BANG !!!” fires a shot off into the darkness. The Stalker Acts quickly exiting the vehicle while leveling his service weapon on the suspect: “Drop the Rifle…Drop It Now !!!”. The suspect turns and throws the rifle onto the Road. “Get Down On Your Knees and Put Your Hands Behind Your Head !!!!” The Stalker Orders. The Suspect complies immediately and almost falls over doing so.

Once handcuffed, The Stalker drags a drunken, filthy smelling man with ragged clothes and holes in his shoes to the back of the cruiser. The Stalker thinks he’s arrested another homeless individual who happened to have access to a rifle. The Stalker goes out to retrieve the weapon and finds a muzzle loader. What is this guy doing?, hunting deer in the middle of the night? After looking closely at the rifle it had a name carved into the wood stock…”Jake Capps”

The Stalker goes back to the Cruiser and begins the interview:
Stalker: “What is your name sir”?
Suspect: “Jake Capps 2nd Mississippi Marshall”
Stalker: “Have you done any drugs this evening”?
Suspect: “We’ve not even seen sulfur for 6 months Marshall”
Stalker: “How much alcohol have you had to drink”?
Suspect: “All that could fit in that quart jar Marshall”
Stalker: “Why did you discharge the rifle”?
Suspect: “I thought I saw a Yankee”.
Stalker who now thinks the suspect is out of it: “What is your address sir?”
Suspect: “Pearl Mississippi Sir. I wish I was home now. I’d not heard from Momma in two years now.”

The Stalker sat in the front seat of the cruiser filling out the police report when the fog got really thick and Christine whispered: “We’ve got a problem”.

The clop, clop of horse shoes could be heard on the pavement. The Stalker got out and opened the right front of his Trench coat where he had easy access to one of his weapons. A voice was heard through the fog: “Marshall, Marshall, can you hear me? This is LT. William Randolph McEntire of The 9th Georgia.”

The Stalker replied: “Yes Mr. McEntire I can hear you”.
Mr. McEntire: “Marshall please release Private Capps”.
The Stalker replied through the fog: “I will not be releasing my prisoner”.

The fog cleared. Just a few yards away from the The Stalker and Christine was a man on a horse. The horse looked weak and emancipated. Behind them were perhaps a dozen or more men carrying rifles. It was a rag tag bunch for sure.

The Stalker came around front of the cruiser and pulled both sides of His Trench coat back revealing his weapons. The men in front of him began to shuffle and raise their rifles to the shoulder. Mr. McEntire yelled: “Put em down boys !!!”.

Lt. McEntire spoke again: “Marshall, we understand that Private Capps ain’t much and we understand that he’s as drunk as Cooty Brown but he’s ours and we need him back. Surely, you can see how important that is to the cause”?

The Staker moved slowly in pulling off the sunglasses exposing his glowing red eyes into the night. He said: “Once again sir, Mr. Capps is going to jail.”

Then the “CLICK” of the sound of the back door to the cruiser opening could be heard by all. Mr. Capps, who had slipped his cuffs, had been released from the back by Christine. He staggered his way towards the group of men awaiting him. The fog immediately got thicker.

“Good Night Marshall, and those #@###%%## Yankees are gonna pay !!!” Mr. Capps streamed as he entered into the darkness.

The Stalker stood and watched as the men turned and went off into the fog. Lt. McEntire remained to salute before fading out of sight.

As the Stalker and Christine went back towards the Boro, The stalker asked: “Why did you let him go?” Christine replied: “Respect for the Dead”.

Go Team Middlesboro !!!

P.S. For Those of you that do not know the story of Lt. William Randolph McEntire and The Cumberland Gap. Then I suggest you look at these links. Your history goes back farther than you think. It also rules you more than you think. Lt. McEntire had his Grandson come back 100 years later and Cuss the Yankees from the top of the Pinnacle. I bet you didn’t know that. Check it out.

Those that don’t know the story of Jake Capps, well, you’ll have to ask somebody.

The Night Stalker Kept The Rifle…You’ll have to figure out why.

More To The Story

More To The Story

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