The Joker:

6/6/2019, about 10 A.M. in the morning. One of the city’s favorites, Officer Rockin Robin Venable (Not “Vinable” as the Jail keeps spelling it) is on patrol. As most of you know Officer Venable (Rockin Robin) knows the streets of the Boro like the back of his hand. Rockin Robin sees when things are not as they are supposed to be. It’s his town. He is it’s protector. When he is on duty, the citizens know they are safe from crime.

On this particular morning, Rockin Robin is backed up by one of the swarm’s most respected officers… Kung Fu Expert, Bruce Lee Bradley…For those of you that follow these writings know, that when these two team up, even Chinese Assassins can’t get their way in the Boro. For The Chinese Assassin Story Click Here

Anyhow, our dynamic duo come across 18 year old Mr. Austin D. Mullins of Middlesboro out at the Methodist Church on the corner of 25th Street and Dorchester. Mr. Mullins has an FTA (Failure To Appear) warrant on him. That means he’s going to be arrested and given a free trip to Pineville. Unfortunately, after Rockin Robin put the cuffs on Mr. Mullins, he found some Meth on his person. Shit!!! now a felony charge.

There was a moment when the 5 foot 5 inch, 140 pound, 18 year old from Pineville, thought of running away from the slightly overweight and old enough to be his father, Officer Rockin Robin, but after seeing Bruce Lee Bradley standing by, thought better of it. Smart kid. Yes, I can get away with those remarks because I am 250 miles away from Rockin Robin’s right cross.

Well, Mr. Mullins got a trip back to his home town where he’s chillin at Ferguson Arms with a 1500.00 dollar “Cash” bond on that Meth Charge and no bond listed on the Warrant. At 18, let us hope they get him out of there and away from the rest of that criminal element ASAP. Also let us hope he don’t get on the death dust or we’ll be seeing him here regularly.

As a bonus, Our heroes also nabbed 23 year old Ms. Melanie Gray Mullins, from Pineville on a couple bench warrants for violation of home incarceration. She is also hanging out down at the home town hotel with 2750.00 “cash” bond holding her up from leaving.

With all that said, let us thank our heroes, Rockin Robin Venable and Bruce Lee Bradley for keeping us safe. With the country undergoing a massive crime wave due to the drug problem we need our heroes more than ever.

Go Team Middlesboro!!!