A message from Sevier County Sheriff Ronald Hoss Seals:

A complaint has been filed with the Sevier County Sheriff’s Office regarding the actions of two Deputies investigating an aggravated assault that occurred Wednesday night.

Let me start by making it known that we take allegations of wrong doing by Sheriff’s Deputies very very serious.

There is currently an active aggravated assault investigation alleging death threats and use of a firearm. The firearm was allegedly discharged by Mr. Michael Luciano and involved renters/guests staying in a nearby cabin. Regrettably we are limited as to what we can disclose about the alleged incident. However, we anxiously look forward to being able to release the body camera video evidence in the near future.

However, let me reiterate that we are well aware of allegations that Mr. Luciano has relayed both on social media and the complaint he filed yesterday with our Internal Affairs Investigator. We always welcome information from the public regarding any type of incident. We also appreciate the ability to utilize Facebook and work together with this great community to reduce and eliminate crime. However, when utilized improperly, some Facebook posts or videos combined with free open dialogue and uninformed public comment can not only be misleading but slanderous.

We have in our investigative files, preserved copies of the false allegations and the social media death threats made by Michael Luciano toward the two Deputies that responded that night. These postings have since been removed but have been preserved. We also have video evidence of the interaction between the two Sheriff’s Deputies and the complainants preserved from both of the Deputy’s body cameras in its entirety to include the interaction both inside and outside of the home as well as audio. This video evidence is indisputable and proves that the two Deputies acted properly and with restraint in all regards in their dealings that night considering the dangerous aggravated assault incident they were investigating.

As for the complaint regarding Mr. Luciano’s dog; I will say once again that the body camera evidence is indisputable. The dog was never ever mistreated or had any physical contact with either of the two Sheriff’s Deputies. This allegation is completely false. Actually, the dog was located by the two Deputies as they were leaving the scene and they took the time and made the effort to walk the dog back up the hill to the owner to ensure the dog’s safety.