Last weekend started with “Friday Fight Night” and into Saturday morning. Domestics on Marshall Woodard, Jackson Cabin, Granada, Mosley Ferry, Rivermont and other disturbing dwellings. It was just the preview of who liked and disliked Tom Brady before Super Bowl Sunday.

The fight was on, on Hickory. Deputies arrived and watched the suspect bolt out the back door. A chase started with ready, set, go followed by a tackle where “everybody was kung fu fighting.”

After being handcuffed, the desperado changed his tone and asked the deputies, “Hey, how are y’all doing tonight fellas?” He explained his irritable jitters on two days of meth binging –because electronics just needed dismantling.

The husband on Cherokee was so mad–he tore her mirror off and busted out the rear window, while their three-year-old sat in the back seat. He found out we were on the way and ran off like a real girly man.

Violence is never the answer when all your family wants is a family man. Warrants were taken. If you’re in a violent situation–call us, 615-792-2098. We will help you with the guidance to get out.

And the rains came Thursday, flooding followed. One Pond Creeker resident near Garland Hollow tried to cross the swollen blackness. She was horribly swept away. Other calls came flooding in of people being surrounded by rising waters.

Our servants were held back and angered that overflowing torrents prevented them from doing their jobs. Very frustrating as the night’s downpour rushed up faster before many citizens could react. The rescue and recovery began with other agencies rushing to the cries. One sadly perished and others were reached by your saviors. Our condolences to Michelle Cooper’s family.

Animals had to be moved from flooded areas on Sam’s Creek which caused a challenge to many owners. A horse and donkey got into a knock down fight fest when one kicked the other off his high-horse. All distressed animals were saved with the help of equine loving deputies.

THP began a pursuit of a stolen car on 41A and our help was requested. The chase ended at New Hope with a fourteen-year-old kid behind the wheel armed with a handgun. How so difficult it is on your servants when children act like seasoned criminals.

A lost soul on Ridgecrest texted his family Friday morning that he was losing himself in the woods to end it all. Many deputies and other agencies showed up in unison to help find him. Other deputies stayed overtime with Kingston PD and THP Air in full support. By the afternoon, with the help of amazing technology, the troubled man was sadly discovered.

Suicide tears families apart and our communities are having too many. Please reach out troubled souls because your loved ones never deserve this kind of hurt. Many people besides the ones who love you, want you around, even in the times you don’t want yourself…

Your first responders in law enforcement and emergency services had a difficult week. But, we love it because we love serving you. Let’s hope for nasty weather in our rear view mirror and sunshine on your warm smiling face for the week ahead!
Stay safe TeamCheatham!