The nights are so long on some shifts. The criminals who used to run the streets in Cheatham now scurry to get inside because we are out there. Not all of them have got the message and that’s their future misfortune. Protectors look at every car after midnight and the drugsters know it. It’s a determination of every city officer and county deputy to simply protect you while you sleep.

Nothing good happens after midnight except for the few good of us who swore to the oath. We search for the no-good and doing so is all that matters. A county line marks the difference for a criminal.

The greatest compliment your sheriff received was when a career career criminal stated drug dealers are now afraid to come to Cheatham because “we don’t F$#k around.”

The drug dealer and user on Bearwallow has exceeded his tolerance from neighbors and we are now focused on his ways. Users have sped off from us, grotesquely endangering innocent lives with their recklessness. Leaving their cars alone to be seized, they cowardly ran to the woods. Warrants issued and resolve is on our side.

The “main man” laughs at your servants and spews his disgust at neighbors who are just fed up with his destructive arrogance. I hope one of his drug buddies tell him he read somewhere, he is number one on the sheriff’s list. We will address his imagined superiority with extreme lawful determination. Neighbors, we will restore your safety again. Your sheriff will make sure of it.

A MOTHER AT THE END OF HER ROAD: The call came in that he was suicidal on Waxwing. Kingston Officer Tom volunteered to go as county deputies were farther away. Your sheriff pulled into his driveway and turned around as well. He was dead bolted in and would not answer our knocks at the door or call outs to him.

Deputy Walker and Kingston Officer Brostoein quickly pried the door open with the tools by Kingston’s Fire responders. We interrupted his self-destruction. Deputy Walker quickly took him under his wing as others secured his weapons.

The mother was on her walker, shuffling, swollen legs and sobbing, just wanting her son to stop his madness. He was examined by EMS and diagnosed not suicidal but exasperated.

Losing a girlfriend, losing a job and feeling empty was his angst. Deputy Walker offered him comfort and guidance. In the darkness, I silently looked toward our city and county peacemakers. Young warriors who are our silent saviors, helping to peace a struggling soul.

Many days it’s hard out here. We had a difficult week with domestics, assaults, broken families, small children in our office while their mom sobbing in the next room. We are a few who do our best with the broken.

Let’s have a great weekend because Saturday Smirks and Sunday Smiles for Team Cheatham!!!.