From The Cheatham County Sheriff’s Office. Sheriff Breedlove:

And then there were more serious calls that had to be investigated with fierce determination. It doesn’t help when county addicts have been drug seeking into Nashville for some time now, because dealers now fear us. Metro Officers and Deputies have been banding together more because county lines don’t matter in this fight we are all in.

Threats came in by an individual who wanted to kill as many people as possible and he backed it up with pictures of pointing a pistol to his head.

Search warrants were quickly written with intervention fast initiated. He was declared violent but we provided other options for him to deal with his anger. We will never ignore the warning signs of mental instability and its lustful need for violence.

We depend on you to let us know when a loved one is voicing the unthinkable. Because it’s about saving lives and the uphill challenges of mental illness.

PHILLIP RANDALL (1st Pic) was suspected of allegedly dealing drugs for quite some time on Lillard Williams Road. He has a long history of challenging law enforcement and thumbing his nose, along with a middle finger, at his “fed up” neighbors. It took hard work to finally touch his inner circle with our professional fingers.

RANDALL was indicted by the Cheatham Grand Jury for manufacturing methamphetamine and summarily arrested. He will be watched even more closer after he serves his time. Take the hint PHILLIP, stop your stupidity and arrogance or leave Cheatham.

So, there it was on McCain Drive. An abandoned car just sitting there, alone, sad and a little damaged. West Nashville Towing was summoned and before they hooked up, Tow-Mater told the deputy, “Hey, this looks like one of ours!”

A further investigation revealed the little car that could, was broken out of the West Nashville impound lot and then just stopped puttering in the middle of the road. It was towed back while the suspected thieving driver probably jogged into some briars, chiggers and “Fang” the local Copperhead to make his cunning getaway. (We thought we heard screams in the woods, about snakes in my pants but probably a prank)

JODY McGLOTHERN (2nd Pic) was inside a car on Bearwallow while allegedly overdosing in someone’s driveway. He was narcaned by arriving deputies and EMS. While lifesavers were working on him, a toddler of one and a half-years was discovered distressed in McGLOTHERN’S vehicle.

The baby was put in a terrible and dangerous situation but rescued by first responders. After McGLOTHERN was medically cleared, he was arrested and charged for Child Abuse, Neglect and Possession of Schedule I drugs. Frustration, anger along with ass-whipping madness is what fills the parent side in us. A baby should never be put through such.

A domestic on Cherrywood turned violent when the aggressor began slashing tires and chasing neighbors with a knife. He barricaded himself in his residence where firearms upped the threat to an outright deadly encounter. Cheatham deputies responded, neighbors moved to safety, negotiators summoned while Cheatham SWAT was directed to standby close for the dreaded command.

After a patient negotiation by Deputy Kent, the intoxicated person was calmed and came out. He turned himself in to deputies without anyone getting hurt and subsequently taken into custody. A successful night where everyone did their job professionally. It’s about preserving life and your servants want nothing more than keeping you safe.

Crazy cranks up another notch: The motel occupants at 116 Luyben Hills Rd, Room 4 consented to a search for suspected drugs and prostitution. Only paraphernalia was found and allegedly 98 junior-starter condoms. The bravado resident later bragged to others about deputies missing his dope after their visit. (Stupid cops who don’t know how to mind their own business)

Later, we were called back because his earlier braggery transcended into a spiraling, agonal fish- gasping overdose. He was narcanned, brought back to life and subsequently transported for EMS while monitor his anger.. He hates us because, how dare we stop his really good poison? We revived him because someone out there cares for him as well, even if he continues his blaming us for being “not cool dude,” or other agencies “not cool at all bro for my trip man. “
crazy times.

We are out here because you believe in us. You believe in us because we took that solemn oath to give our life for you, even if we never get to introduce ourselves.
Have a blessed weekend FB friends.