The recently paroled registered sex-offender just moved into Cheatham. He had a warrant out of Nashville so we went and got him. Convicted sex-offenders are not very popular with us. We will respect their rights as long as they do the right thing… by being a good citizen for once.

The husband and wife on Bandy Rd. got very drunk and then the fight began over, of all things, Trump. One left to seek refuge with other family members only to accuse another in-law of inappropriate touching. The family member returned to the other tense member only to start up the fighting again. Everybody was ordered to stop right-wing “Kung Fuing” and just go to bed.

THIS IS WHERE FRUSTRATION TURNS INTO ACTION: The vehicle was stopped by the deputy for speeding. Walking up to the car, he saw four children who were only 2-4 years old. None were in child restraint seats as there were none in the car. Just four babies, wallowing and unprotected from the most unexpected tragedy.

The deputy contacted Cheatham’s Fire brethren who arrived with two new car seats. The driver called another to transport the other two angels safely away. Citations were issued along with a stern lecture given to the driver of their obligation to protect the innocent ones who can’t protect themselves…

The 88 year-old was reported missing in White House, Tennessee. The following day, deputies discovered his car in our known protected rainforest. Because his possible last destination was the Wildlife Management property, there was the initial challenge of locating a lost soul in twenty-thousand acres of nature’s wonder

Lt. Ken Miller looked at the leaves disturbed and bent limbs most of us would not notice. Off the trail, in the middle of weeping trees, he was found in the stillness. Families were gently consoled. A sad ending for such a good long life.

The caller on Lannom argued to deputies about the neighbors parking in “the roadway.” Arriving on the scene, the deputy observed only the complainant’s vehicle blocking “the roadway.” It was learned that the crier had a history of blocking “the roadway” and later demanded he was the king of “the roadway” and everyone else were peasants beneath him.

The car sped out quickly from the MidTown in Kingston. Kingston and Cheatham requested MICHAEL REYNOLDS to stop until he gave up peacefully on Charlotte Ave. in Nashville. REYNOLDS allegedly assaulted three women and needed to be held accountable even if he stressed cops are racist and that’s why he didn’t stop.

A Nashville resident was burglarized twice with cameras in place. He suspected the thieves would return a third time and he was right. They did and he was determined not to let them get away. He followed the suspected burglars inside the borders of Cheatham.

The sergeant spotted the vehicle with the victim tailing and stopped them on a two-lane in the Cheatham forest. Investigative instincts shifted into overdrive as the suspects were detained. Metro Detectives were stressed to come and take the case. The investigation was given with a red bow and overwhelming evidence to our Nashville Guardians.

Your Deputies may deal with small incidents but those sometimes turn into major cases. We have initiated simple traffic stops that have resulted in investigations spanning nationwide with criminals captured far away. We will never waiver or turn a blind eye to any evil that touches our county.

Let’s have a crime free weekend where the thieves, burglars, pick-pockets and jay-walkers will just say, “I’m moving to a place where criminals are appreciated.”
And don’t forget to lock up your stuff…it’s 9PMRoutine you know?
Have a great weekend Team Citizens.