She woke up in a purposefully darkened room as the sun’s heat blistered down on her roof. It was time to shower up, put on the uniform and utility belt. She was now psyched to face the next twelve hours. Her unknown challenges were inviting a new and dangerous adventure.

He woke up at 4:30am ready to face the impending hot sun as well. Rising light was ready to kiss him but not before he kissed his babies. He will make sure his calls will be answered to hopefully find his way back to their waiting arms. A glimpse of the few who start their shift for you..

All first responders, Fire, EMS, Police and County Deputies stood and saluted Department of Corrections Administrator Debra Johnson at the Kingston 188 overpass on Friday afternoon. The solemn procession passed under us but we felt her presence above us. Maybe because her smiles filled our hearts that she was home at last.

And then the calls broke loose. A female was sitting on the bridge at the 185 with her feet dangling, she was ok. A utility trailer was stolen on CC Road. A suicidal person was held close by first responders only to be taken for help, support and to believe in herself. The teen driver was stopped, cited and mom was called because it’s the law that moms know everything.

There are the calls that make us shake our heads. Four-wheelers of Cheatham keep on running stupid on the back roads. A suspicious bag was found in her box. (Not that box). Horses in the road on Sam’s Creek demanding equal rights for donkeys. “Green Acres (Rd) is the life for me!” except for those darn juveniles on four-wheelers chasing donkeys.

Don’t forget the calls that leave us scratching our noggin: This one was top shelf: There is an ongoing property dispute between two neighbors that has gotten so intense for three years, that their disagreement has been argued in the hallowed halls of Tennessee’s Supreme Court!

The deputy pulled up with several people staring at each other at the disputed property. Fort Campbell soldiers later arrived and created a “DMZ Zone.” North Korean soldiers volunteered to stand guard and keep the peace until the Yankee dog southern sheriff was removed by force.

Then there was this week’s sex offender who was avoiding a security check from Deputy Dahianna. He was located by her at Scott Cemetery on Cedar Hill pretending to be visiting a grave. The beloved departed were heard spinning in their resting place telling him to get the hell out.

Deputies assisted Drug Agents in locating and stopping a car suspected of transporting meth. A person of interest was detained and meth sniffed out by trained noses.

DRUG DEALER NOTICE: We are working on something big and you are on our special federal, state, and local Cheatham Citizen alert! We can’t wait to see the look on your face so please, don’t leave Cheatham!

RYAN BROWN was located by deputies and US Marshals on Porter Morris Rd. BROWN was wanted in New York for Predatory Sexual Assault of a Child. And he thought he was safe in the sleepy, backwoods of Cheatham Mayberry…

It’s CLIMB-A-TRUCK time in Pleasant View Community Park (Soccer Park) Saturday from 10am to 2pm. Come out and climb on everything that squirts, dumps, flies, climbs over things and woo woos! It’s a blast and the sheriff’s office will have the always yummy “ice pops!”

We are humbly appreciative that you support the few of us in Tennessee who love the calling to serve and protect you. Have a warm and happy weekend no matter how much hate is out there. We will fight for your love and protect you everyday because after all, you are Team Cheatham!