On 6/7/2019 Officer Taylor of the Williamsburg Police Department arrested 31 year old Ashley Patterson of Middlesboro and charged her with Non-Payment of fines. We have no idea what the fines were for. Ms. Patterson is currently lodged in the Whitley County Detention center with no bond listed. For previous articles regarding Ms. Patterson’s exploits in Bell County Click Below:

Girl Going Nowhere…

On 6/7/2019 Officer Taylor of The Williamsburg Police Department arrested 33 year old Maggie Poppe of Middlesboro and charged her with the following:

Endangering the welfare of a minor

Public Intoxication Controlled Substance (Excludes Alcohol)

Possession of controlled substance 1st degree/1st Offense (Methamphetamine)

Drug Paraphernalia Buy Possess

Possession of controlled substance 3rd Degree (Drug Unspecified)

Ms. Poppe is also staying at the Whitley County Detention Center with No Bonds listed.

Ms. Poppe also has an extensive history in Bell County. You may view it by clicking below:

Poppe 1

Poppe 2

The Joker:

It seems that neither of these ladies can ever get it together. They’ve just “Come Undun”. I’m sorry to say that these two represent much of the culture and population of Appalachia. When will it end? One lady answered: “When the penalties are tough enough to put them away for life”. I’m not so sure that the insane would care. There is always the segment of viewers/detractors/what ever, that scream: “PRAY FOR THEM”. Well, I’m sure that those that care have done a ton of praying and it seems God’s answer is a resounding NO! As one of our viewers likes to remind those folks: “When are you going to pray for those of us that have to deal with them?”

She’s come undun
She’s found a mountain
that was far too high
And when she found out
She couldn’t fly
It was too late

I think this old rock song may just apply to all of Appalachia.

She’s Come Undun By “The Guess Who” Click Here