The Joker:

March 20th 2019 The First Day Of Spring begins at 5:58 P.M. in the Western Hemisphere. After the Sun hides it’s light, something rare will begin. Coming up slowly will be a full moon, but not just any moon…A Full Worm Moon. What few in the modern world know is that this is also the Pagan holiday of “Ostara”, and the vernal equinox, a time to celebrate fertility.

3/21/19 6 A.M. in the morning. The moon is full. It’s glow has diminished somewhat since the peak earlier in the evening but still light shines down on the Boro. Daylight is about an hour away, when dispatch receives a call about lights and sounds coming out of the top floor of the Old Hospital in downtown. “They ain’t nothing up there” thinks the dispatcher but nevertheless he hands the chore over to the one that always ends up with these kinds of calls…The Night Stalker.

“The Old Hospital” as folks like to call it, is one of the oldest and the tallest building in downtown. At one time it was the home of the Elks Club. Roughly 40 years ago it fell out of use and began a steady decent to decay. Most of the building has no windows left in it. The top floor has a tree growing forth that is probably 25 years old. One writer described the tree as a big middle finger to economic development in downtown. The building has not had electricity or water for years. Much of it has collapsed making it a danger to the public. All those that have promised to restore the place have turned out to be full of empty rhetoric and mostly bullshit. More than just an eye sore and safety hazard, it is a constant reminder of how a once great growing city can fall into decline.

Pulling up in front of the building Christine says: “I don’t feel good”.
The Stalker: “Maybe you are a bit overheated”.
Christine: “No, really, something is wrong here”.
The Stalker: “Let me take care of this call and then we’ll go home”.

Entering the building the pitch black situation is not really an issue. With heat seeking as well as x-ray vision, the darkness is only a minor concern. Once inside a whisper comes forth: “Ohh, Ohh”. It is the sound like a song but perhaps one in distress. The Stalker removes the glasses letting his glowing red eyes shine brightly in the darkness and begins his way up the steps, slowly and cautiously with one hand on a six gun. All of his senses are alert. The smell of the old musty building as well as the creaking of the steps are all part of knowing one’s surroundings. A rat runs up the steps to the 2nd floor in front of him, but he continues the trek. When the Stalker reaches the top floor and turns to face the emptiness of a gutted building’s open space, a lone figure in a black flowing dress stands forth.

She was Raven haired, with ruby lips, and sparks flew from her finger tips. Voices echoed in the night, She was a restless spirit on an endless flight. The Night Stalker said: “Maam do you have any reason to be in this building at this time”? Suddenly, The Night Stalker’s feet flew out from under him. His back hit the nearest wall and then he slid up onto the ceiling and was dropped down to the floor like a rag doll. He tried to regain his footing but once again he was hurled backwards finding a wall in an abrupt stop . He was pinned to the wall with his hands outstretched 12 feet above the floor. Dazed and confused he tried to find his composure but up the wall like a spider he was forced to the ceiling and then was dashed down on the floor again where he felt himself being lifted straight up. His feet left the ground and he found himself floating in midair. In front of him was the young woman in the black dress suspended almost within arms reach with her head rocking side to side as if she wanted a better look at her prey.

Do you know why you’re here? The Young Woman asked.
The Stalker made no reply. He was disoriented.
Do you know who I am ? The Woman asked loudly.

Once again The Stalker made no reply but her eyes he could see…no pupils, full moons in a black background.

“Now is the time you learned what you’ve taught so well” giggled the Woman.

The Stalker was once again dropped to the floor. Almost unconscious at this point, he could feel his hands and feet being bound. Helpless he laid there while the woman circled him.

“You’ve taken my children and put them away. You’ve stopped them from needing me. Now I shall make you one of my own. What you taught now you shall learn. ” She screeched.

The woman stepped to the side and began to heat up a spoon containing water and Methamphetamine. “Yes, soon you will belong to me” she muttered. The woman filled up a hypodermic needle with the death dust concoction and moved towards The Stalker. He laid there semi-conscious barely able to comprehend his surroundings. The Woman used her free hand to let her long sharp finger nails to tear a hole through the trench coat and police uniform to expose a large blue vein in The Stalker’s Arm. Aiming the needle the woman said: “I am going to enjoy this so very much”. Suddenly a voice was heard in the darkness: “Why so serious?” The woman turned and before she could react a blind fold was thrown over her eyes and she was dragged backwards dropping the needle while being quickly bound with hemp rope. A great laugh of “Ha!, Ha! Ha!” rang out over the downtown streets.

The Night Stalker regained his consciousness about a half hour later and was able to free himself from his bonds. Daylight was beginning to shine into the once windows, now holes in the side of the old Hospital. A small figure in a Green Jacket with wild hair was standing near by. Due to the Sunlight, The Stalker had begun the transformation back into Officer Nicholas Capps who could barely bring himself to his knees.

Officer Capps gasping for breath: “I know you, you’re a criminal of the worse kind.”
The Joker: “I just saved you from one that sleeps in the Devil’s Bed”.
Officer Capps: “I have to arrest her”
The Joker: “She’s drove herself to madness with a silver spoon”.
Officer Capps breathing heavy and attempting to stand: “Your under arrest and so is the woman”
The Joker (Laughing and pointing): “There is your woman my friend. Once she could not see the moon her power was gone”.

The Joker moved towards the window where the woman was blindfolded and roped into a chair. “See how high she flies” he said while laughing. Spinning the woman around where Officer Capps could view, The Joker ripped off the blindfold. When the Witch’s eyes caught actual daylight she began to scream and cry as she turned from a young pretty girl to an old hag and then in a flash of light melted into powder that blew away in the 3rd floor breeze. The chair was left holding nothing but hemp rope and a blind fold. Officer Capps had never seen anything as cruel as this in his life. “See ya bitch” said the Joker’s Girlfriend Lola Sinn who was standing nearby. “I’ll go get the Bananallac baby”.

Officer Capps managed to get himself down the three flights of stairs falling twice, and back to the street where Christine waited for him. Beaten and tired he was never more happy to rest himself in her drivers seat. Christine said: “Nickie, I just woke up, tell me you are ok, Something came over me, I am so sorry but I got tired.” Officer Capps responded: “It’s ok girl, just get us to the Stalker Cave, the daylight hurts”.

On the way back to the Joker’s Lair, the conversation went like this:
Lola Sinn: “Do you think he’ll figure it out”.
The Joker: “Not a chance”.
Lola Sinn: “Is it worth it”?
The Joker: “Silence”
Lola Sinn: “Collateral Damage I guess”.

When the shift changed The Night Stalker/Nicholas Capps did not check in. The dispatcher called and Christine answered:

Dispatcher: “Is everything good with that old hospital call”
Christine: “Yeah it was nothing, we just went on home early”
Dispatcher: “Oh good, ya’ll get some rest”.

2 cups of coffee and a sweet roll later, the Dispatcher thought to himself…”Bullshit” “Nothing goes easy with The Night Stalker”.

Last Night 3:33 A.M. The Night Stalker and Christine are on patrol. The Dialogue went like this:

Christine: I been thinking about what happened back at The Old Hospital In March.
The Stalker: Silent
Christine: I”m not so sure we were just in the wrong place at the wrong time. It was like she was waiting on us.
The Stalker: She was of course.
Christine: Well, I talked to the dispatcher and he said that a woman’s voice made the call.
The Stalker: Well, she was a woman kinda.
Christine: But not the only woman there.
The Stalker: Silent.
Christine: If she was waiting on us, how did the Joker know to show up out of the blue and save us?
The Stalker: Good question, probably because he listens to the scanner.
Christine: The call came to us over my cell phone.
The Stalker: Just lucky I guess.
Christine who never cusses: “Bullshit”, we were the bait he used to get her.
The Stalker: He needs us, I doubt he’d put us in real danger.
Christine: There’s some rumors going round, the Joker was underground and she rocked him in the night time till his skin turned red.
The Stalker: You should stay off Face Book
Christine: Well he got that ugly somehow.
The Stalker: Too much forensic files.
Christine: She kept talking about her children, I bet the Joker is the father.
The Stalker: Please…

Christine stayed silent the rest of the night, but she couldn’t stop thinking about it.

Go Team Middlesboro!!!

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The above writing is merely satire and fantasy. It does not represent the views of The Polygraph News or any of it’s employees. It is for entertainment purposes only.