The Joker:

7/29/2019 just after 8 P.M. Officer Jeremiah Johnson (J.J.) serves a warrant out at the West Side Trailer Park on a Ms. Whitney Dixon for 2 counts of assault. Apparently, the complaints say that Ms. Dixon assaulted Lady 1 (with the story backed up by Lady 2) by pulling Lady 1 to the ground by her hair punching and kicking her in the ribs and stomach after she had surgery for cancer. Afterwards she was taken to ARH for treatment.

Ms. Dixon was running around the Trailer Park yelling and going on causing “Public Alarm”. She had “exaggerated movements” as well as being “Very Talkative”. She also had seven bags of weed on her, a digital scale and some drug paraphernalia. Needless to say she didn’t give J.J. who was backed up by Officer Christopher Barnes (The Big C.) any problem and was escorted down to the Pineville Center for acting up and charged with:

Public Intoxication Controlled-Substance (Excludes Alcohol).
Disorderly Conduct 2nd Degree
Trafficking in Marijuana (Less than 8 Oz.)
Drug Paraphernalia Buy/Possess

Ms. Dixon is only 20 years old. I could not find any previous record of arrests in Bell County. Let’s hope she keeps it that way. She was released the next morning.

7/30/2019 right at 6 P.M. over on Glouchester Avenue J.J. arrests 40 year old Mr. Jimmy Smith of Tazewell Tn. on a couple of bench warrants. One for “Failure To Pay Fine for Tampering with Physical Evidence” carrying a 188 dollar “Pay or Stay” bond and one for “Probable Probation Violation for Tampering With Physical Evidence” with no bond listed. Mr. Smith was taken down to the Pineville Welcome Center for Big Orange Guests where he still resides.

8/4/2019 about 10 in the morning J.J. goes over to Chester Avenue to serve a warrant on a Mr. Carl England (Homeless). Apparently Mr. England thought he could hide in the house so he grabbed a meat cleaver and tried to play the invisible man. Didn’t work of course. Eventually, J.J. along with Joe Holder and The Big K. Vanover corralled Mr. England and he surrendered but not without some threats to use the cleaver. He had a needle on him also. Off to Pineville he went where he was charged with:

Bench Warrant For Court
Carrying a concealed deadly weapon
Drug paraphernalia
Probation Violation (Felony Offense).

Of course there is a reason I refer to Mr. England as “Coming Back Carl”, his past charges in Bell County include but are not limited to:

Public Intoxication X7
Contempt of Court X8
Possession of Marijuana X4
Drug Paraphernalia X 6
Receiving Stolen Property X2
Terroristic Threatening X5
Disorderly Conduct X5
Resisting Arrest X2
Bench Warrant X11
Possession of Methamphetamine X2
Carrying A Concealed Weapon X1
Menacing X1
Probation Violation (Felony Offense) X1

There you have it. Just another few days with J.J. right? Think again. Have you seen the recent events such as the mass shooting, water being doused on New York’s Finest, and the Philadelphia drug dealer’s shoot out with cops while citizens pelted the cops with God knows what? All of the above is a disgrace not only to those that have disrespected their own protectors but to the country in general. Look at all of the lives Police have saved in this country this month. Does that mean anything to you or are you part of the Cop Hating group that I call “The Manson Family”. Those that always defend the criminals.

If you are then…#@$% &$@. I’d have typed it out but the women get upset with me.

When was the last time you had to take down a shooter at Walmart or in a Night Club.? When was the last you were in a shoot out with a drug dealer? When was the last time you had to find a criminal hiding in a house with a meat cleaver? Huh? Well maybe you oughta have some God Damn respect!!!

Thank You J.J., Joe Holder, The Big K. Vanover and The Big C. for your service.

Go Team Middlesboro!!!

P.S. If you don’t like cops then the next time you’re in trouble call your drunken uncle.

P.S.S. I would have gotten this out to you earlier but the Bell County Detention Center’s Website has been down for the last 8 days. To the Jailer and his crew’s credit they got it back up and going in a reasonable amount of time. Thanks.