The Joker:

12/2/18 about 4 p.m. Dispatch gets a call about a disruptive customer out at the Sage Steakhouse. Officer Christopher Barns (Big C.) answered the call. The complaint was that Mr. Anthony Sloan of Kingsport Tennessee had tried to sell one of the waitresses some meth. I mean really. You’re sitting, eating and drinking, in The Boro’s finest fast food joint and you don’t have the decency to offer drugs to the waitress when you’re trying to pick her up? You want her to buy them? Did you ever hear of leaving a tip? Now I’m not saying the waitress does drugs, but you’ve got a girl slinging hash on a Sunday night trying to make a living and you want to sell her dope? What the hell is wrong with you Mr. Sloan?

Anyhow (Deep Breath), When officer Barnes confronts Mr. Sloan he finds him “extremely nervous” (really?), with “blood shot eyes” and “talking really loud and fast”. I guess he couldn’t talk fast enough to pick up a waitress. Needless to say, Mr. Sloan had some meth on him and admitted that he “had snorted a couple lines” before Officer Barnes accompanied by Officer Nickie Capps showed up. Just mentioning the cops makes me nervous.

Mr. Sloan was booked into the Bell County Center for Big Orange Meth users that try and hit on waitresses at the Steak House and charged with: Possession of controlled substance 1st Degree/1st offense (Methamphetamine) and Public Intoxication – controlled substance (excludes alcohol). You mean he didn’t even buy some drinks? Mr. Sloan has no bond listed at present. The Police Report lists the name as “Anthony Sloan”, the Jail has it listed as “Sloan Anthony” in case you’re confused.

12/1/18 right after 5 A.M. in the morning. The Night Stalker was on patrol when he observed two women standing in front of a residence on South 41st street. Well, naturally, he went to investigate. The women stated that they were waiting on someone. At that moment the someone, Mr. Robert Lee Hash, came out of the residence and walked off the porch when he then faced the flash light beam of the Night Stalker. Uh Oh !!!! The Stalker observed Mr. Hash “throw something out of his right hand” that had a Big Orange Lid. I guess I don’t have to tell you what was in the container. Mr. Hash also had several syringes on his person.

62 year old Mr. Robert Lee Hash (Bobby) was driven down to his home away from home also known as the Bell County Detention Center and charged with Possession of Meth and placed under a 1500.00 “Cash” Bond. Mr. Hash has been slinging Hash since the 1990s in Bell County. There is no need to list all his charges but dealing drugs (even near a school ground) is 2nd nature to him. I guess next someone will tell me he’s a “nice guy” huh? Why can’t the justice system put these types away? Obviously he’s not going to change. How many more children (babies) have to die? How many more families have to be destroyed? How many more have to be killed on the highway ? How many more overdoses? How many more victims will there be? I don’t know what’s worse, an abortion Doctor or a Drug dealer. Neither of them care about the innocent.

Many folks out there think they are immune to the problem because their families don’t do drugs or they maintain their tithes at the church but let me tell you…none of you are immune from a meth head hitting you head on in traffic. None of you are immune to the higher taxes required to deal with the problem. None of you are immune to the burglaries, higher insurance rates, and higher health care rates these people are causing. Lastly, none of you are immune to your grandchild stepping on a drug needle full of hepatitis and HIV at the Christmas parade trying to pick up candy. Maybe, soon you’ll come to your senses and stop the enabling, placating and the useless attempts to believe you are immune to the Zombie Apocalypse that has come upon Eastern Ky. fueled by the drug dealers. Do the right thing…Turn in a drug dealer today !!!

As far as the 2 women in the report, nothing else is mentioned. I can suppose that if they were waiting on Mr. Hash, they were waiting on drugs and up to no good. Something tells me they weren’t Mormon Missionaries out at 5 in the morning.

Thank You Big C. and The Night Stalker.

Go Team Middlesboro !!!

P.S. I better not find out that the waitress had to pay Mr. Sloan’s Check because of the arrest.

“The following article is based on open and public records from the Middlesboro Police Department as well as The Bell County Detention Center Website and is written in the style of satire as an opinion piece not associated or based on the opinions of The Polygraph News, Incorporated—it’s founders, owners or staff.”