Keith Nobles of The Nobles Financial Network is constantly being sent emails and asked questions about subjects such as politics, financial markets, real life problems, and baseball. Mr. Nobles is an author, writer, financial market interpreter, and some what of a seer. An unrepentant Libertarian, his most recent Book “Our Dogs Didn’t Bark” A Politically Incorrect Dystopian Tale displays where he thinks the USA will be soon if not sooner. This is the first segment where Nobles answers a readers questions on the website. You may not like his answers, but you can rest assured they are always well thought out and to the point. Don’t expect Political correctness either. Nobles brings common sense back to the discussion. Feel more than free to join in the argument.

Todd From St. Louis Asks: Mr. Nobles: What are your thoughts on States that have concealed carry without permits?

Keith Nobles: The Second Amendment is all the permit that you need, ’shall not be infringed’ cannot be made any clearer. The constitution exist to limit the government, not the citizen. The Federal government is in no manner implicitly or explicitly empowered to take away from you the rights inherent to you, the rights your Creator gave you. Among those rights is the right to defend yourself against aggression and the right to do as you wish with your own property.

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