The Joker:

11/24/18, 9:37 A.M. Officer Michael Smith (The Law Man) is on patrol. While most folks are just getting around to their morning coffee, The Law Man has been at it since daylight. He is sharp, prepared, focused and above all, observant to his surroundings. A vehicle has been parked and running for the last hour and a half on Exeter Avenue. The Law Man stops to investigate.

When the Law Man made contact with the driver she at first refused to give a name or Date of Birth but a needle was spotted near the gear shift. When she exited the vehicle she was observed trying to hide something up her sleeve. She pulled away leaving The Law Man no choice. He “had to physically take it and place her in cuffs”. Can you imagine trying to struggle with The Law Man? He can bench press Oprah Winfrey.

Without further ado, 44 year old Ms. Tammy Partin of Middlesboro was escorted to the Bell County Detention Center In Pineville where she currently resides charged with:

Tampering with physical Evidence
Resisting Arrest
Bench Warrant For Court
Bench Warrant For Court/FTA/Criminal Trespass

Bond is listed as 100 dollars on one warrant, 986.00 “pay or stay” on the other, 100.00 “Cash” on the Tampering charge and no bond listing on the Resisting Charge.

The Same Day, just before 2 in the afternoon, The Law Man gets a call about a male that just passed off a fake 10 dollar bills and is walking up Winchester Ave. The Law Man makes contact with Mr. Brandon Scott Brooks on the corner of 24th and Winchester. Mr. Brooks had a phony bill in his wallet that matched the one at the store (same serial numbers). As the law man continued to question Mr. Brooks his story was changing faster than you can say “Soboxone Clinic”. After a few more moments of babbling like a Middlesboro City Council Member, Mr. Brooks came to his senses and “requested an attorney”. Well I supposed Mr. Brooks will get what he wants, but he also got a free ride to Pineville accompanied by The Law Man.

Mr. Brooks was charged with: Criminal Possession of a forged instrument 1st degree. No bond is listed, but Mr. Brooks was released a little more than 24 hours later. Oh well, you know the Bell County Policy: “Don’t ask don’t tell”.

Thank You Law Man Smith for protecting the public. Without good men like you, things would be even worse. The entire MPD force is facing a really tough row to hoe in these days of the drug epidemic. May God be with them.

Go Team Middlesboro !!!