The Joker:

10/28/18 right after Midnight. Officer Brad Cawood (Bad Brad) initiates a traffic stop on U.S. 25 E. South in the Boro. The Vehicle is a 2008 Red Honda with Alabama Tags. The driver was going 51 mph. in a 35 mph. zone. The rear licence plate was also not illuminated (How many times do I have to tell you?). Immediately The Night Stalker responded as back up and approached the driver. The smell of freshly smoked weed filled the air. The Stalker made a search of the vehicle and found a Colt Pistol and some Brass Knuckles. NCIC came back with the driver being a convicted Felon.

22 year old Mr. Robert Andrew Scott Gafford of Greenville Alabama was arrested and taken to Bell County’s finest establishment designed to welcome out of state felons with arms. Mr. Gafford was charged with: Carrying a concealed weapon X 2 and Possession of a hand gun by a convicted felon. Mr. Gafford’s bond rests at 5K “Cash”.

10/26/18 around 11:30 P.M. The Night Stalker is on patrol over on Winchester Avenue when he observes an individual on a bicycle riding in the middle of the road. He stops the bicycle and the rider who is “acting extremely nervous” (Can you blame him?). The rider blurted out: “Capps you can search me”. Well, if that’s what you want, that’s what you’ll get. Upon being searched the Stalker found a bag of meth in the suspect’s sock. The Suspect then pleaded: “Capps don’t do this to me, it’s just an 8 ball”. At that moment the suspect pushed the bicycle into the Stalker and took off running. I’m sure at this point the Stalker rolled his glowing red eyes and took off the sun glasses.

43 year old Mr. James R. Gullett of Middlesboro was giving it all he had attempting to escape The Night Stalker. He jumped over a fence but unfortunately landed in a ditch full of water where the Night Stalker stood over him thinking: “Come on Man”. Mr. Gullett who apparently has watched way too many martial arts movies jumps up soaking wet and decides to put the Kung Fu on the Stalker. Mr. Gullett, this is just not a good idea.

So, Kung Fu Gullett is doing his best to keep from being cuffed. He’s cussing, screaming, yelling,(Not one word of Chinese) moaning and groaning while throwing a few useless punches at the Stalker. The Neighbors are starting to come outside. Come on Man, The Stalker just polished those Jack Boots, he don’t want any mud on them.

Right about now, Officer Clay Hurd (Heard it all) shows up. Officer Hurd, who does not wish to hear anymore, assists the Stalker and on go the cuffs. Mr. Gullett is now fully under arrest. Well, believe it or not, Mr. Gullet ain’t done yet. He had another bag of meth he tried to throw into the ditch, and another bag of meth he tried to throw down on the way back to the Cruiser, he even had a metal container with a string tied in his pants with some weed and more meth in it. Remember this is the guy that said: “You can search me Capps”.

Mr. Gullett was taken and still resides in the Bell County Home for Middle aged meth head Kung Fu masters who want to challenge The Night Stalker. His charges are:

Possession of Controlled substance 1st degree/1st offense Methamphetamine
Fleeing or evading police 2nd Degree on foot
Tampering with physical evidence
Resisting Arrest (Come on Man)
Disorderly conduct 2nd degree
Possession of Marijuana

Bond is listed as 1500.00 “Cash” on the Meth Charge and No Bond on the rest.

10/27/18 Right around 2 P.M. Officer Jeremiah Johnson (J.J.) arrested Ms. Christina McArthur at her home on Blakeman Drive in Middlesboro and charged her with: Possession of controlled substance 1st degree/1st offense Methamphetamine, Possession of controlled substance 1st Degree/1st Offense (Drug Unspecified) The Report says “methadone”, Possession of Marijuana, and Drug Paraphernalia buy-possess, The report says: “Pill grinder”.The Law Man Smith was there as back up.

Ms. McArther is resting at the Bell County Detention Center under a 1500.00 “Cash” bond on the Meth charge and No Bond on the others.

Nice Job Mr. Panache.

Once again, the Boys in Blue take on the worst of the worst. Alabama Felons, Kung Fu Masters and wayward girls. It ain’t easy.

Thank You Bad Brad, The Night Stalker, J.J., Law Man Smith and Heard it all.

Go Team Middlesboro !!!