The Joker:

On 5/28/18 Officer Smith was on traffic patrol just North of Middlesboro on 25E. While keeping his eys open, he noticed “an extremely high volume of foot traffic” coming out of the Boone Trail Hotel. “Upon watching further” (investigating …it’s his job you know), room 21 was getting all the attention. Therefore he called in Officer J.Johnson to accompany him for a “knock and talk” to room 21. Mr. Marty Ray Rouse of Tazewell answered the door and invited the dynamic duo in (“was given consent to search”). Unfortunately, Mr. Rouse had “2.6 grams of suspected meth” on his person. His bag also contained “numerous syringes”. Mr. Rouse was escorted to another Hotel in Pineville…The Bell County Detention Center where the accommodations are not as nice as the Boone Trail (no continental breakfast or cable). Mr. Rouse was charged with: “Possession of controlled substance 1st degree, 1st offense (Meth) and Drug Paraphernalia buy/possess. Bond is still “pending”.

Good Job by Officers Smith and J. Johnson. One should know that in Bell County “The Hills Have Eyes” and the Middlesboro Police Department can see very well. If you are going to do drugs at a hotel and “party like its 1999” then expect to be noticed, especially if you are going to have a check out line as long as Walmart.

Officers Smith and J. Johnson risked their lives to take drugs off the streets of Middlesboro. On this Memorial day when we remember our fallen soldiers, don’t forget that our boys in blue continue to “protect and serve” us also. Many of them have fallen doing their duty. I hope everyone enjoyed their BBQ’s and picnics today, remember that while doing so, the police had your back. Go Team Middlesboro!!!

Middlesboro Police Report Click Here