The Joker:
On 8/30/18 right around 5 p.m. Mr. Brett Minor was the back seat passenger in a 2006 Blue VW with Tn. Tags that didn’t give a turn signal moving on to 25E off Hwy. 441. The front passenger was arrested and charged with 3 counts of trafficking.

Click Here For Previous Story Of Front Passenger

Anyhow, Mr. Minor was also arrested for Trafficking in marijuana (less than 8 oz) 1st offense and possession of controlled a substance 2nd degree (drug unspecified). It was soboxone according to the report. Mr. Minor was housed in the Bell County Detention Center but has since been released.

I’ve been thinking. With all the arrests of Tennesseans in Middlesboro, perhaps Bell County should build a “BIG ORANGE JAIL”, where Rocky Top is piped in. You do realize that once arrested in the Boro and released from Pineville and escaping back through the tunnel, the culprit never has to come back to face justice. So the Crater just sits there waiting for more drugs out of Big Orangeville to be dropped off. That kinda makes it a real tough job for Middlesboro’s cops who have to spend all their time arresting Tennesseans. Maybe they should be charged an extra “Big Orange” Bond.

Later that same night right at 10 p.m. Mr. Roy Johnson of Middlesboro made the decision to drive intoxicated with no tail lights on his vehicle. When pulled over the officer noticed Mr. Johnson trying to “kick something under the seat”. After Mr. Johnson failed the road side dance routine, soboxone was found under the seat. Unfortunately, Mr. Johnson also had 3 bench warrants on him. So, along with that, Operating a motor vehicle under the influence, tampering with physical evidence and possession of controlled substance 2nd degree and of course “no tail lamps”. Mr. Johnson is now residing in the hotel for bad decisions in Pineville under a 1K “cash” bond among other “pay or stay” charges.

Sgt. Barry (Big Bear) Cowan made both of the above arrests. The Middlesboro police are diligent in looking for and finding crime, but some just make it too easy. Bad decisions and Drugs all over the floor boards, well, Big Bear is ready to grade that paper.

For those of you from Tennessee that think that’s funny. Big Bear Cowan can stand on the corner of Cumberland Avenue and 25E and see an expired tag within a mile in both directions. Don’t believe me? Give it a try. Make sure to wear your Big Orange Hat.

Sgt. Cowan took a drunk driver and a horde of drugs off the streets of Middlesboro within 5 hours. I call that “SuperCowanFragilisticBigBearalidocious”. Thanks Big Bear.

Go Team Middlesboro !!!


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