This morning 10/29/18 just before 10 Officer Michael Smith (The Law Man) was on patrol over on Exeter Avenue when he drove by a man who “ducked his head” when the cruiser went by. The Law Man took this as a sign of suspicion and turned around to greet the individual. The suspect was “irate and nervous” while giving The Law Man the name of James Miller. After running the name, nothing came back so The Law Man pressed a little harder. Sure enough, a proper ID was made on Mr. James Douglas Smith of Harrogate with two felony warrants. Upon a search of Mr. Smith, the usual was found…a couple syringe, some pills and a bag of meth.

44 year old Mr. James Douglas Smith was escorted down to the Pineville Center for Tennessee Meth users and charged with:

Bench Warrant For Court
Bench Warrant For Court/Trafficking in controlled substance
Giving Officer False Identifying Information
Drug Paraphernalia buy-possess
Possession of Controlled substance/Drug unspecified
Possession of Controlled Substance 1st degree/1st offense Methamphetamine

Mr. Smith is still chilling down in Pineville with no bond listed.

Mr. Smith did not give The Law Man any difficulties, and besides, Officer J. Johnson (J.J.) was there as back up. Between The Law Man and J.J. even Hulk Hogan would have went peaceably.

10/25/18 just about 8:30 P.M. Officer Kenny Vanover (Big K.) observed a white 2012 Nissan Maxima with Tennessee Tags going East on Cumberland Avenue in front of the Hospital with no head lights on. The Swarm’s newest addition Officer Chris Barnes (Big C.) initiated a traffic stop. Big K. quickly arrived as back up. As Big C. approached the vehicle it smelled like a 420 reunion party. The Driver, Mr. Joshua Trey Braden of Speedwell Tennessee advised Big C.: “Dude I got some weed”. As if Big C. didn’t know. Anyway, Mr. Braden had “blood shot eyes” and “slurred speech” and couldn’t pass the road side 80s dance routine or produce a driver’s licence.

22 Year old Mr. Braden was taken down to the Bell County Hotel for Tennessee stoners and charged with:

Possession of Marijuana
No Driver’s Licence
No Insurance
Operating a motor vehicle under the influence of alcohol/drugs/etc. .08

As Big C. was loading Mr. Braden into the cruiser, Christine pulled up along side. The mood of the moment has now changed. Enter The Night Stalker. I can just see Big K.’s eyes roll.

In the passenger side of Mr. Braden’s vehicle rests Ms. Mary J. Bunch of New Tazewell Tennessee. Ms. Bunch’s Boro history goes back to October of 2016 where she was charged with:

Intimidating a participant in a legal process
Terroristic threatening
No licence
No Insurance
Negligent in an accident
Leaving the scene of an accident

The Stalker approached the passenger side of the vehicle. The sun has now gone down. Only the street lights on Cumberland Avenue can help Ms. Bunch see the large figure approaching her through the side view mirror. I think she knows what is about to happen.

Ms. Bunch is arrested and charged with:

Bench Warrant for Criminal Trespass 1st degree …250.00 “Cash” Bond
Bench Warrant for Criminal Trespass 2nd Degree…250.00 “Cash” Bond
Bench Warrant for probable probation violation for intimidating a witness in a legal process..No Bond
Bench Warrant for probation revocation hearing for intimidation of a participant in a legal matter…no bond
Bench Warrant for failure to pay fine for intimidating a participant in a legal process…761.00 “Pay or Stay”.

Ms. Bunch does not have a current mug shot. Apparently the Detention Center didn’t take one. The one listed above is an old one. She is at present still listed as incarcerated at the Pineville Storage Unit for Tennessee Guests with Warrants. They all get a Big Orange jump suit.

Border crossing drugs, drug dealers, drug users and those with warrants were all taken off the streets of the Boro by the boys in blue that hit the Trifecta. Thank you Law Man Smith, J.J., Big K., Big C. and The Night Stalker.

Go Team Middlesboro !!!


Mr. Braden is 6 foot tall and 165 pounds.
He’s a little too tall, could use a few pounds
Tight pants points, Hardley renown
Ms. Bunch is a dark haired beauty with big dark eyes
and points all her own sitting way up high
Way up Rocky Top high …

They are just young and restless and bored
Living by the sword
They were working on mysteries without any clue
Working on some Night Moves
Now they are on the front page of the Polygraph News
Working on some Night Moves
In the Autumn time
Sweet Autumn time, Autumn time

The next Day as The Night Stalker rested in the dark room sheltered from the daylight

He woke to the sound of thunder
How far off he thought and wondered
He started humming a song from 1982
Ain’t it funny how the Night Moves
With Winter Rolling in …

Bob Segar’s “Night Moves” with lyrics Click Here