I do not mean to cause waves. This is not out anger or selfishness. Strictly out of curiosity and hopefully something can come out of it for the kids in this community.

As everyone who is in Union County knows, this town has almost nothing to do for kids of all ages. The only ones I can think of (please do not be offended if I didn’t mention you or your business) is after school sports, the tumbling studio behind the high school, Wilson park and maybe the lake. Also, this is a town of yard sale people😊 so maybe that can be considered but honestly I can’t think of anything else. For some time now, I had thought about doing/opening something in the town, again, for the kids. So last week I got a hold of the people who own the old Hensley’s IGA building and asked about leasing it. I had this crazy, but what I thought was going to be an amazing idea in my mind. I was going to turn it into a SKATING RINK!! Serving some snacks, renting out for all types of parties, having dress up nights (prom night, 70’s night, GIRLS night, patriots night, father/daughter night, etc), maybe contests which could win you a gift card (kids remember? So Starbucks, iTunes, fortnite, etc), black out nights, neon night, discounts for good grades, evening the way I would decorate and paint the building! I had thought about holding a contest for all the aspiring artists 😁 in Union county and picking 2 or 3 and letting them paint their best on the outside of the top half of the building than letting the littles here in town paint or hand print the bottom half. Oh my gosh y’all, I had so many ideas to involve the kids and even parents. But sadly, and apparently due to many reasons, they would not allow me to do so. So it’s not going to happen🥺 but still I’m curious to see how many of you liked the idea of it. I am part of this community (a small nobody but a part none the less) and have 8 nieces and nephews myself. We’ve lived here all our lives and still NOTHING new for the kids. Was a skating rink a great idea? Bad idea? Do you have ideas for this community? Does your KIDS have any ideas? Yes we got a Taco Bell y’all but it’s time for a new hang out after school type place. No drugs, no bullies, no pressure, no worries ..just family friends and fun!! Let me know what YOU think and lets brainstorm y’all.

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Toni Danielle Dockery