Family Dollar Robbery: A hatchet, Vienna sausages and beef jerky

NASHVILLE, Tenn.–Metro Nashville Police arrested a 27-year-old on Thursday after he allegedly pulled a hatchet from his pants and threatened employees trying to stop him from shoplifting.

According to the arrest affidavit for Timothy Wiggins, Wiggins entered the Family Dollar store at 1015 Jefferson Street wearing a green hat and green sweatshirt. Employees then say they watched Wiggins take off the green clothing and take a red jacket and red hat from a clothing rack.

Wiggins placed the items on his person and employees confronted him, asking him to place the items back on the rack and leave the store.

He then allegedly took out a hatchet from his pants and displayed it to the employees, saying he would use it on them if they didn’t back off. Employees called police and say they observed Wiggins take a can of Vienna sausages and a pack of beef jerky before leaving the store.

Police spotted Wiggins on 11th Street wearing the red jacket and hat, placing him under arrest. Officers also found the hatchet, sausages, and beef jerky. Police were also able to review security footage which showed Wiggins’ actions at the store.

Wiggins was arrested for Aggravated Burglary on $15,000 bond.

From Fox 17 Nashville