The Joker:

10/28/18 4 O’clock in the morning. The Night Stalker serves a warrant on 20th Street and Chester Avenue in the Boro. Ms. Maggie Poppe (No relation to Iggy Pop) is wide awake to accept the ride to Pineville. You see this is not Ms. Poppe’s first free ride to River City. Her Bell County Career began in February of 2009 when she was arrested by Joe Holder for: Trafficking in a controlled substance within 1000 yards of a school. Since then, Ms. Poppe has enriched her resume with:

Warrants from another Agency X 3
Receiving Stolen Property X 1
Theft By Deception/Cold Checks X 2
Shoplifting X 2
Contempt of Court X 4
Prostitution X 1
Intimidating a participant in a legal process X 2
Parole Violation X 4
Bench Warrant X 14

Ms. Poppe is more familiar with local law enforcement than the citizens are. She’s been arrested by:

The Kentucky State Police X 4
Probation Officer X 1
Pineville Police X 1
Bell County Sheriff’s Office X 3
Detective Joe Holder MPD X 2
Sgt. Josh Burchett MPD X 1
Officer Jeremiah Johnson MPD X 1
Officer Jordan Hurd MPD X 1
Officer H. Johnson MPD X 1
Officer Edward Dray MPD X 1
Officer K. Vanover MPD X 1
Lt. Tom Busic MPD X 1
Officer Nicki Capps MPD X 1

The system has something to say to you
It’s late October and now you’re going back to school
We know we keep you amused
But The taxpayers have no more to lose
Oh Maggie the system can’t try anymore

When these writings first encountered Maggie it was early last month. I wished her the best and splashed hope into the article. I have no doubt many laughed about that. Now that I see the history of the problem I blush at my innocence (Maggie Mae). Folks like Maggie cost the taxpayers thousands if not millions of dollars over time. Think what it would be like to be a public servant and see the same characters over and over and over again. Think how that rests on the minds of your protectors in law enforcement. Maybe this is why every police force in the country is hiring and the burn out rate is so high. The Maggies of the world seem to be winning.

When I am forced to listen to the “but I’m a victim” argument I never seem to hear those that profess it accept that they have “victimized” 100 times more folks than they have suffered one injustice. The tax money spent housing, arresting, prosecuting, administering, medical treatments, transporting, defending, insuring, protecting and a plethora of other things for career criminals would make your head spin. None of the “victims” seem to see this. The real victims are the public, the children that have to suffer, the families, the neighbors, everybody and especially the Police that have to deal with this on a daily basis. Think of the money that could be spent for the good of society if it weren’t for the Maggies. The system has to change.

Ms. Poppe is currently housed in the Bell County (overcrowded) Detention Center charged with a parole violation under no bond. Her frequent flyer miles haven’t kicked in yet I guess. Taxpayers get your check books out, Maggie ain’t done spending.

I won’t list them again but Thank You to the 8 Middlesboro Police Officers that have had to work this case over the years for little pay and absolutely no appreciation. The more I write these articles the more I respect what you do boys in blue.

Go Team Middlesboro !!!

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