From The Tazewell/New Tazewell Fire Department:

July 11 was a busy day for emergency crews here in the county with the rains and other calls that were dispatched out. Around 1300 we was dispatched to Walmart for a fire in the ceiling area. Given the size of the building mutual aid was requested because the extent of the fire was unknown. Once our ladder arrived it was set up in order to gain access to the roof and made it easier for the firefighters to have access. Ground ladders were used in the beginning. The issue was water leaking through the roof into some lights but the electric was cut to these lights. Minimum damage to the building in the result and is still in use. Team work was good. We also responded to 2 FA later in the day along with assisting north tazewell fd with a truck fire. We want to thank all units who not ok only assisted us but who went out in the area yesterday to help the community. PD EMS EMA and the other fire units good job