The Joker:

10.28.18, 7:20 P.M. Sunset has just come to the boro but still there is light. The last rays are lingering but yet slowly withdrawing into the night. The Street lights have yet to bring forth their comfort. Officer Nickolas Capps a young, handsome, hazel eyed and bright patrolman has come to serve a warrant at 20st and Winchester Avenue. What Young Officer Capps does not know is that the warrant belongs to one of the Boro’s most notorious and dangerous criminals.

Officer Capps (Nickie) gently raps on the door. The owner answers and allows the young officer to enter. Once inside the dwelling Officer Capps begins to question the owner about the suspect. From the back bedroom Mr. James Anthony (and sometimes Anthony James) Lumpkin sees Officer Capps and Bolts out the back window into the yard where he’s now running full speed ahead. Mr. Lumpkin is 43 years old, 6 foot 1 inches tall and weights in at 235 pounds. He’s in damn good shape for a man his age. The life he leads demands it.

When officer Capps hears the noise from the back of the dwelling he springs into action. Stumbling, bumbling knocking over the coffee table sending nick knacks flying as he desperately attempts to find the suspect. Knocking a picture off the wall and falling down, Officer Capps eventually enters the rear bed room to find the window open with the curtains waving in the breeze. At that moment, the last ray of sunshine left the Boro.

When the Jack Boots hit the ground of the back yard the crows abandoned the trees for a five block radius flying headlong into the darkness. The neighborhood dogs ran under their porches. The Women grabbed their children and hustled them inside while the wind began to howl. A glowing set of Red Eyes now peered out into the dark night scanning the trail of the suspect. The Night Stalker Has Arrived.

Once again Mr. Lumpkin is physically fit and dangerous. He knows the neighborhood and has a great head start against anyone catching up to him. What Mr. Lumpkin is not aware of is that …not just anyone is chasing him. The criminal predator has now become the prey. Resistance is Futile.

Mr. Lumpkin clears a fence or two with ease as he hits cruising speed. He’s not the kind of man anyone wants to rumble with and he knows it. No skinny punk ass cop is gonna take him. He is just about to make it to 21st and Exeter Avenue where they’ll be no catching him tonight blue boy. Suddenly there is a “thud” and Mr. Lumpkin finds himself on the ground faster than you can say “Joe Holder”.

Mr. Lumpkin is now in cuffs. When he arises from the ground to peer into the laser Red Eyes of the Night Stalker he blurts out: “WTF”? Of course Mr. Lumpkin had some meth and pills on him also. It didn’t help him run.

Christine has now parked herself on Exeter Avenue and has the back door open in a welcoming ceremony for Mr. Lumpkin. Once inside, Mr. Lumpkin asks: “Who are you man”? The Stalker doesn’t answer. Christine makes it a short drive to Pineville.

Mr. Lumpkin is currently staying in a place he knows very well…The Bell County Home Away From Home for his type. He is charged with 2 Bench Warrants, Fleeing or Evading Police (on foot), Possession of a controlled substance/methamphetamine, Possession of a controlled substance (Drug Unspecified).

Mr. Lumpkin’s Bonds are listed as: 2500.00 Dollar and 1760.00 Dollar “Cash” on the Warrants. No bonds are listed on the other charges.

Mr. Lumpkin has a long history of crime in the Boro. He may be the champion of crime for all we know. His Career began in May of 1996 and now includes 41 times being booked into the Bell County Detention Center. The Charges we could find include:

Non Support X 2
Burglary X 1
Violation of Emergency Restraining Order X 4
Terroristic Threatening X 2
Warrant for other Agency X 3
Cruelty to Animals 2nd Degree X 1
Spouse Abuse X 1
Harassing Communications X 1
Criminal Trespass X 2
Disorderly Conduct X 8
Bench Warrant X 3
Contempt of court X 12
Assault X 5
Alcohol Intoxication in a public place X 7
Resisting Arrest X 3
Receiving Stolen Property X 1
Shoplifting X 4
Trafficking (Cocaine) X 2
Assault On a police officer X 1

What more can one say?

I know it’s the Night Stalker, but maybe a little back up wouldn’t hurt when serving warrants on the likes of Mr. Lumpkin huh? The general public just does not realize the danger the brave men and women (If you think that dispatcher ain’t brave, just give her a problem.) of the Middlesboro Police Force have to face.

The Public must get involved with helping the Swarm fight crime. Information, tips, anything you think is suspicious CALL THE COPS !!! If nothing else send some donuts or pizza down to the station (addressed to the dispatcher or Harvey will get them).

In the last few articles we’ve displayed career criminals and discussed how they cost the taxpayers money while they run social services such as the Jail, The Police, Fire and others ragged. This article says it all, so I’ll just leave it at that.

Great Job Officer Capps.

Go Team Middlesboro !!!

P.S. Mr. Lumpkin is reported as saying down at the jail: “First there was this skinny guy and then all of a sudden red eyes man seriously…”

Many times the Jail just used the same mug shot over and over.





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