The Joker:

2/27/19 Just before 11 P.M. As you know, the MPD take their job seriously. Everyday they get up knowing that they are taking their lives in their hands battling the criminal element in the Boro. Their families carry that burden with them. Often the public does not see this.

There is one that stands different from the rest, not in bravery or bravado but in sheer desire to put the criminal behind bars. This one patrols the serious hours when evil finds it’s most welcoming terrain. He is the Night Stalker.

“He belongs to the city, He belongs to the Night, ”
“He lives on a river of darkness, beyond the neon lights”.

The Setting: Glenboro Road and Well’s Camp. Also known as Drug Dealer Avenue.

The Stalker attempts to make a stop on a 2002 Ford F 150 with Tennessee Tags. The driver kept going with no regard for the Blue Lights blaring. Eventually the Truck came to a stop whereas the driver jumped out and ran down a hillside towards a creek. The Stalker was now in full pursuit. The Suspect dove into the creek and swam to the other side. Take a deep breath now readers. We all know that the Stalker is not as fast as Joe Holder and can’t actually walk on water but he’s of course bright enough to call for back up in the situations that it is available. The suspect/perpetrator got to the other side of the creek and joyfully thinking that the Stalker didn’t want to get wet ran up the bank to find Bust Em Burchett and The Big Quillie waiting for him. Your cold, wet and tired, I don’t think you are going to take on The Big Quillie at this point. Off to jail you go.

Now before we move on here, let the audience take another deep breath because it gets a lot worse. You see, back at the Ranch (Where the truck is) the passenger also decided to make a run for it but was apprehended rather quickly by the Night Stalker before he took off after the other culprit. The lady passenger all of you are familiar with…Ms Rebecca Marcum.

Well she was taken down to the Bell County Home Away From Home and charged with:

Parole Violation (For Felony Offense) As the website has it.
A. Absconding Supervision
B. Failure to attend Treatment
C. Misdemeanor
As the Police Report has it.

Needless to say Ms. Marcum was released around 3/1/19 with no bond listed. As she is used to.

If you would like to view Ms. Marcum’s previous arrests which are many, please read our last article on her history entitled “Hit Me With Your Best Charge” or “She’s Back” .

Now let’s move on to the driver and creek swimmer Mr. Heath Garren. He was also taken down the Pineville turnstile for criminals and charged with:

Suspended Licence…50K “Cash” Bond. Wow finally they figured out that he don’t give a shit about having a licence or running over your grandchildren.
Failure to maintain Insurance…No Bond. Maybe they are coming to their senses in Pineville.
Fleeing or Evading Police (On Foot). No Bond
Fleeing or Evading Police (Motor Vehicle) 50K “Cash”
Bench Warrant X2 with a 50,500.00 “Cash” Bond
FTA X7 With 50K “Cash” Bond And “no bond” listed on some charges.

Hey what do you know, maybe they woke up down in Pineville. I doubt it. The last time we reported on Mr. Garren’s criminal history he was let out 2 days later. Click Here For Mr. Garren’s Long Arrest History.

So here we are again with 2 famous, unrepentant Bell County Criminals bringing havoc to the streets where the Police have to stop it while the Shit House Judges And The Piss Poor Prosecutors allow the pubic to continue to go unprotected. Is it any wonder that Gun sales are soaring or that the Governor is signing a bill to allow the public to carry concealed without a permit? The Criminals are running rampant. Is it not logical that the public is calling for the death penalty for drug dealers?

Thank You Night Stalker (And Christine), The Big Quillie, and Bust Em Burchett for protecting us. We can’t thank you enough. Maybe the Shit House Judges and Piss Poor Prosecutors down in Pillville will see that you aren’t going to relent in bringing criminals forth to put in their faces.

Go Night Stalker!!!

Go Team Middlesboro!!!

P.S. Remember that the MPD take their lives in their hands on a daily basis. Criminals like to get even. I know, I’m a criminal.

“The Stalker’s Song” Click Here…